Pathmaker Marketing was born out of the idea that forward-thinking marketers and marketing service providers should be identified and rewarded. We believe that those genuinely making a new path either for their clients or within the industry, itself, should be regarded as the true experts. In 2009, we saw the world of digital marketing explode and evolve from simple email marketing, through search marketing and content marketing before seeing social media explode onto the scene through the mid-2010s.


Our philosophy

We don't believe in creating dozens of categories and inviting applications from all over the place. A long time ago we decided that we have a responsibility to identify key niches within digital marketing that deserve a thorough investigation, as do the companies operating within them. Spreading ourselves too thinly across multiple categories would make the process too onerous on the team and the judging panel, who would inevitably end up spending less time on our deep dives.


Previous winners

Previous winners have included full-service agencies, software providers and marketing sector niche companies including social agencies, content creators and search engine specialists. We've also looked at digital service providers within specific industries including e-commerce and automotive, in which there is room for specialist agencies. The first award was awarded in 2009 and since then, the scope of the awards and the shortlisting and scoring procedure has increased dramatically.


We're proud to say that previous winners have gone one to use their recognition to win new business and build their reputation as experts in their industry.


"After winning the award we were able to point prospects to something that rubber-stamped our authority in the sector. There are many players in the digital ad and marketing space and it can be hard for clients to know who is the real deal."


- Jerry, Director of Enigmal Media Limited


What the future holds 

As you'd imagine, what the future has in store for digital marketing is of massive interest to our organization, not least because we've seen how rapidly it has evolved first hand. We're also incredibly passionate about seeing how innovative agencies and experts leverage and integrate new technologies for their clientele. The whole online world continues to shape how society interacts and does business and brand new markets and sub-economies are being born each year.

We're already beginning the initial scoping phases of the 2020/21 and the team is keen to continue our analysis for many years to come. It's difficult to see a time when what we do does not have value to the industry and the companies looking to engage marketing specialists in their business processes. We're always happy to hear from past winners, potential nominees and suitable candidates to join our judging panel.


We'd like to extend our thanks to My Digital Nature with whom we've joined forces to bring these awards to life who were an active and excellent web development agency for a number of years.