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If you were to "Google” Premier Blogging Service you would discover that Pathmaker Marketing LLC simply dominates the Page One Rankings! The reason why? Because we excel in assisting Clients like you to dominate rankings for your business. From helping you determine Winnable Keywords to ensure you gain page-one rankings via the Compendium System to developing Dynamic Calls to Action; from RSS Feeds to such Social Networking Venues like Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter to using your Blog as a Contest Tool, Pathmaker Marketing LLC works diligently to help you realize that blogging can be more than a Social Activity, but, rather, an excellent Marketing Tool. To learn more about our Blogging Services, please visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/CreateaPremierBlog


Everybody likes Contests and Sweepstakes—and we here at Pathmaker Marketing LLC can show you why YOU should like them most of all!! Cashing in on the Social Networking Craze, Contestsand Sweepstakes will allow you to increase your Internet Presence while astronomically building your Facebook Fan Base and gathering a host of Email Addresses!

With proven success with this particular form of Marketing, Pathmaker Marketing LLC can help you establish Contests and Sweepstakes that will further your cause whether you run a Business or a Charity! When constructed properly Contests and Sweepstakes can also improve your Rankings with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. To learn more about this unique concept visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/Contests and learn about the "win -win” Contest and Sweepstakes Programs Pathmaker Marketing LLC can put together for you!


Have you ever wished you had a full time Writer on your staff? Someone who can take the Wealth of Knowledge and Wisdom you have been Blessed with and produce them in a format that would allow you to share with others? A "Wordsmith” who can Ghostwrite such projects as Blogs, Newletters and Books? An individual who can develop such Marketing Tools as Landing Pages for your Website, Eletters and Brochures? Pathmaker Marketing LLC realizes and understands that not everyone can afford to add such an individual to their staff, so they have retained a Stable of Writers who can effectively and efficiently produce any Copywriting Project that you may desire. To learn more about this service, please visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/WordsThatSell


Developed by Pathmaker Marketing LLC to help clients "Weather the Recession,” the Economicals Program offers a Cornucopia of Marketing Services designed for businesses and churches alike. From sprucing up a Website to creating an effective Blogsite, the Economicals Program has something for everyone. And, at the unbelievable price of only $295 each, the nearly forty services available will allow you to increase the effectiveness of your Internet Marketing without cleaning out your Bank Account!

To learn more about how you can benefit from our Economicals, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/economicals You will be pleased with the end results, for everyone wants access to weather resistant internet marketing ideas.


Raised a PK, Randall Mains, Pathmaker Marketing LLC co-owner, understands the importance of Fundraising, and has a soft spot in his heart for those who have to perform this less than enjoyable task. As he developed a program within Pathmaker Marketing LLC to help with this activity he designed it with a three-prong attack in mind: To Help Charities Raise More Funds, Grow their Ministries, and Expand their Outreach! Combining his experience from such areas as Radio, Direct Mail, Product Sales and Online Efforts including Websites and Email Fundraising, he has made Pathmaker Marketing LLC a Premier eFundraising entity in the Internet realm, as we’ve been able to use email alone to raise over $950,000 for our clients to date!

The procedure employed is all encompassing, as we help our clients build their email lists and improve their Website, in some instances with the advent of an eNewsletter and the inclusion of multi-week series of Welcome Emails. Our efforts run the full scope when developing these entities, from Writing, Designing, Coding, Installing and even the implementation of eAppeal Blasts. To learn more about this service, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/EmailFundraising


Perhaps the most Innovative Marketing Plan on the Internet today is Email Campaigns. Dedicated to imparting Enduring Tidbits to clients and prospective clients alike, rather than being directly Economically Driven, the program is meant to expand both the depth and breadth of a businesses’ relationship with its clients!

Pathmaker Marketing LLC has both the knowledge, expertise and talented individuals necessary to put together Email Campaigns that will allow you to endure yourself to your clients, while subtly leading them to your doors! As we develop your multi-part Campaigns we will concentrate on meeting the needs of those you serve, while constructing them in such a manner that they will be Automatic in nature!

To learn more about how we can help you develop Email Campaigns, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/EmailCampaigns You will be pleased with the end results, and your clients will be thrilled with the information you share with them!


As you undoubtedly know, there is a form of "Proper Etiquette” for everything in life, and that includes doing business on the Internet! We at Pathmaker Marketing LLC are virtual Emily Posts of the Internet, and stand ready to use our talent and expertise to develop an Email Welcome Program that will convert visitors to your Website into leads or customers!

Created to help you develop a relationship with what otherwise might be only a "one time” visitor, an Email Welcome Program gets people "up to speed” in regard to "who you are” and "what you do.” Encompassing the various elements of "Business Etiquette” that will allow you to build an on-going professional relationship, an automated eWelcome series of messages will serve you well whether you are a Business or a Charity!

To learn more about how we can help you develop an Email Welcome Program, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/eWelcomeStrategy You will be pleased with the end results, and your online guests will be thrilled that they "visited” you in the first place!


There is, perhaps, nothing more exciting than receiving a well-written Newsletter! Filled with Engaging Text accompanied by Eye-Catching Graphics, an eNewsletter can be a most effective Communicating and Branding Tool! Consisting of in-depth articles, Tantalizing Tips and Tidbits and practical "How To’s,” a properly constructed Enewsletter will be one that the recipients look forward to receiving!

We at Pathmaker Marketing LLC are devoted to helping you create an eNewsletter that will reflect who you are and what you are passionate about. Understanding that eNewsletters are both a Communication and Branding Tool, our Talented and Knowledgeable experts stand ready to lend their expertise and experience in helping you create an Enewsletter worthy of Pulitzer consideration!

To learn more about how we can help you develop an Award Worthy eNewsletter, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/eNewsletter You will be pleased with the end results, and your clients will be thrilled with what you share with them in each issue of your eNewsletter.


Perhaps one of the most important, and over-looked aspect of an individual’s job is to protect their persona - especially if they are the "face” of their Business or Ministry. If even one disgruntled or vindictive individual were to post a disparaging comment, it could forever be seared into the pages of the World Wide Web. While the comment may not be able to be removed, it can be "buried” by a preponderance of positive comments, and that’s why Pathmaker Marketing LLC offers our Executive Brand Management Program. By ensuring that your Website, Blog, Facebook Page and Twitter Account are all teeming with content extolling you, we help to protect your Internet Image. A wonderful side-benefit is the fact that due to the increased content, your rankings on the various Search Engines will be greatly improved.

To learn more about how you can benefit from our Executive Brand Management, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/ExecutiveBranding You will be pleased with the information you glean regarding the program, and thrilled with how much control you can have over what the Internet says about you!


If you want to "wow” visitors to your Website, do we have a FLASH for you! The ubiquitous program that makes its way onto some 99% of all PC’s is a wonderful way to add motion to supplement the "static state” of most Web and Blog sites.

To learn more about how we can help you develop FLASH in your Web and Blog sites, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/Flash You will be pleased with the end results. Your Website will look good and work harder for you as well!


If the old adage "you’re only as professional as you look” is true, it’s imperative that you retain the professionals at Pathmaker Marketing LLC to help ensure that your Website and other Internet Offerings present you in the professional light your company deserves. Both talented and experienced, our Graphic Artists will strive diligently to make your Internet Offerings truly second to none.

Understanding both the Artistic and Scientific concepts of Graphic Design as it pertains to Websites and other Internet undertakings, our staff will create an "Eye Path” that will allow you to get the most out of your Landing Page’s Real Estate. The key is, not only can we help you look like a million bucks, we can get you on the path to earning it too!

To learn more about how we can help you develop Award Worthy Designs, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/GraphicDesign You will be pleased with the end results, as not only will your Website look good, it will work harder for you as well!


Are you reaching out to touch someone - - or everyone? With the influx of multiple cultures and ethnicities in our nation today, the only way to ensure that you are getting your fair share of the Internet Marketplace is to Internationalize your entire Internet Marketing Program!

At Pathmaker Marketing LLC we stand ready to help you with the Translation process of each and every one of the elements of your High Tech Marketing scheme. From 3D Virtual Tours like the one we recently completed for the Corrie ten Boom Museum in Haarlem, Holland (www.tenboom.com) to a monthly eNewsletter, we can help you expand your business by reaching out to an ever growing population of non-English speaking consumers.

To learn more about how you can "Go Global” in your own backyard, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/GoGlobal You will be thrilled how our talented staff can help you navigate the world of international translations.


Creating a Search Engine Marketing Program without conducting an extensive Keyword Research is like building a house without a foundation - - it might look good at first, but it won’t weather even the minutest of storms! And, in the ever-changing business climate we face today it seems there is always a storm just around the corner! That’s why we at Pathmaker Marketing LLC stand ready to assist you in creating a Keyword Research Program that will pinpoint your Winnable Terms for ensuring Page Ranking and driving potential customers to your Website! Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the temptation of aiming for the Bullseye with a blindfold on! Rather, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/KeywordResearch and learn how we can put you on the road to Internet Marketing Success with the results of our comprehensive Keyword Research!


Link Building is somewhat of a well kept secret - - but, not only are we willing to share this secret with you, our dedicated experts stand ready to make sure that you implement a Link Building Program that is not a waste of time or money!! Tedious in nature, but fruitful in its benefits, the development of an effective Link Building Program will ensure that you are deeply rooted in numerous Directories; that your Blog and the Community Sites and Forums you frequent will take others to your Website, and that your posts will create an Authoritative air, serving as Link Juice to boost your Page Rankings! We here at Pathmaker Marketing LLC understand the plight of the businessman who, like you, wants to emphasize Link Building in their over-all marketing plan, but needs to devote their time to their business, and not to the Link Building process. To learn exactly what we can do for you and your business in this realm, please visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/LinksForRankings at your very earliest convenience!


Understanding that our current economic climate mandates that we get the most out of our every Marketing dollar, Pathmaker Marketing LLC stands ready to help clients with the only Marketing Program that actually allows you to determine how much you will pay for each qualified lead - - Pay Per Click! From determining affordable Keywords and Terms to creating Landing Pages geared to converting visitors to clients, our talented staff will help you create a Pay Per Click Campaign that will allow you to get the most "bang” for your Marketing buck!

To learn more about how you can benefit from our Pay Per Click Program, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/PayPerClick You will be pleased with the information you glean regarding the program, and thrilled with how much control you can have over your Marketing dollars!


If your Search Engine Marketing is not something you can take pride in; does not attract Visitors to your Website and/or doesn’t provide you with Page One Rankings, this very minute you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC! With the Paradigm Shifts that are taking place in virtually every business due to the ever-expanding influence of the Internet, you need to discover how our talented staff can serve you by creating a Search Engine Marketing Program that will both keep you on the Cutting Edge of 21st Century Marketing and will keep your business growing and profitable!! By Researching and Refining your Keyword List, and determine your Winnable Terms, we can ensure that your Search Engine Marketing is not a dream but, rather, a reality! To learn more about how you can benefit from the five key components of SEM, please visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/GetSeenThroughSEM


We are thrilled that Facebook is now allowing "Company Pages,” paving the way for Social Networking to become part of a business’ Internet Marketing Plan. Combined with Search Engine Optimization, the two create an all-inclusive Program that allows you to "enhance your chance” of Internet Marketing Success.

The experts at Pathmaker Marketing LLC have a total grasp of the significance and ramifications of joining "Search” and "Social Networking.” You see, Search Engines, such as Google, are Keyword and Geo-Targeted, while Social Networking entities such as Facebook, Shelfari, and LinkedIn are Demographically Targeted. By uniting the two, you create what may very well be the best combination since Chocolate and Peanut Butter!

To learn more about this "marriage” visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/SocialMediaMarketing and learn about the "sweet” Program Pathmaker Marketing LLCcan put together for you!


We typically don’t Market ourselves as "Mythbusters,” but in the case of SearchEngine Optimization that is one of the hats that we find ourselves wearing. Thethree SEO Myths that we have to contend with are:

  1. As long as you Google Your Company Name and it comes up "#1” your Site is, in fact, Optimized.
  2. Search Engine Optimization can be achieved Quickly!
  3. You can accomplish SEO for FREE!

Our goal, on your behalf, is to Optimize your Website, ensuring that all the Major Search Engines will grant you High Rankings, thus directing prospective business your way. We accomplish this though the use of a Keyword Research Program which allows us to identify Winnable Words, and then target those words as an integral part of your Site! To learn more about Search Engine Optimization, visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/OptimizeToBeFound and let us "bust some myths” for you!


Our Web Designers don’t create Sites they create Masterpieces! More than just a Billboard on the Internet Highway, the results of their efforts allow visitors to Interact with your Website; are Search Engine Optimized for Target Keywords and even incorporate Virtual Tours - - ensuring that the Websites we develop result in High Conversion Rates! We strive to make sure that what we create isn’t just "eye candy,” but, rather, has real depth and will provide you with an ample Return on Investment. We firmly believe that your Website should do more than just introduce your business to those who visit, it should sell those who visit! To learn more about our Web Design Service, please visit us at www.pathmakermarketing.com/WebDesign


If you like "the biggest and the best,” you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC and let us help you design a 3D Virtual Tour. Comprised of such Elements/Features as Custom Design, Full Screen HD, Music, Branding, and Flash Effects we can ensure that your Tour will be as special as you can image. For an example of a Virtual Tour online, visit the Corrie ten Boom Museum at http://tenboom.com