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Pathmaker Marketing is a digital marketing agency headquartered near Phoenix, Arizona. We exist to help our clients build websites based on a clear, strategic plan based on known best practices to promote their websites and their organizations.

Our team members reside in places all across the continent and around the globe. We understand the power of the internet. It is our workplace.

Technology has advanced to a point where our team members can work collaboratively twenty-four hours a day to create the web presence and results you hope for. Whether they are on the East Coast, the West Coast, Europe or Asia, our gifted writers, designers, artists, and web-techies are working around the clock and around the globe.

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Moving your Facebook Page to 100,000 Fans

"There are a multitude of activities where it can be said, "it’s a numbers game.” This is probably no truer that in the realm of Social Media, and, of course, one of the major aspects of that realm is Facebook…"