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There is absolutely no one more acutely aware of the current economic climate than Pathmaker Marketing. However, unlike many members of the business community we have taken it upon ourselves to do something about it! Knowing that a slowdown in business often places a company in the throes of thevicious cycle where we aren’t going to get more business unless we market ourselves, but we can’t afford to market ourselves until we get more business, we have developed what we simply refer to as the econo-pak of economical services for companies, churches, charities who want to market themselves online economically!

Basically, we have taken in excess of three-dozen services and are offering them to our clients—both new and old, for the unbelievable price of only $295 apiece! Running the gauntlet from Search Engine Optimization to establishing a properly designed Business or Church Blog, our professionals are dedicated to giving our client an economically priced opportunity to get some effective internet advertising accomplished, even in this tight economy.

To add continuity to our efforts on your behalf, the program is set up on the basis of a six-month agreement. During that time, you can select any service you want us working on, thus allowing you to select a variety of different items from our cornucopia of services. You will, of course, have the option of utilizing the same service for more than one month should that be your desire. The purpose of the program, however, is to allow you to create a greater presence on the Internet, in order to expand your online presence and benefit from our host of talented marketers working on your account, without committing to thousands of dollars in marketing expense.

Below is the list of services that are included as part of our economical services. Just like at a buffet, go ahead and choose what will best suit your needs. You can "Mix & Match,” making your choices all from one category or from multiple ones. We are sure that you will appreciate being able to target your exact needs and, even more importantly, will enjoy the results you will experience when you see your online advertising presence grow!

  • Setup a Facebook Fan Page for yourself or your company
  • Provide 10 Hours of Social Networking Management
  • Provide 6 Hours of Social Networking Content Ideas
  • Provide a Strategy for Facebook Sweepstakes or Contesting
  • Setup a YouTube Channel—6 videos and embed those videos onto your Website
  • Setup and Wallpaper your Twitter Account
  • Setup Professional Business Email Address for your Company
  • Provide a Professional Consultation on Email Marketing or Email Fundraising
  • Develop a Professional Email Newsletter Template
  • Setup your Local Profile or Company Places on Google, Yahoo, or Bing
  • Setup Google Analytics on your Company Website
  • SEO three pages on your Company Website
  • Launch a Pay-per-Click Account for you on 100 Keywords in Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Manage Google AdWords for you every month
  • Provide 6 Hours of Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Establish a Blog for you in WordPress, Blogger, Typepad or LiveJournal
  • Develop 6 Blog Posts for your Company Blog
  • Train someone how to write and Manage a Blog
  • Perform a Website Audit
  • Provide 6 Hours of Technical Support for your company Website
  • Provide 6 Hours of HTML coding for your company Website
  • Provide 6 Hours of Copywriting
  • Provide 6 Hours of Graphic Design
  • Provide 10 Hours of Link Building Services
  • Turn a Book or Text into Two Different Ebook Formats and Post Online
  • Get a Book or Product into the Bookstore System (i.e. so it’s available at B&N, Borders, etc.), Track Sales, and pay 70% Royalties
  • Put 3 Books or Products for sale on Amazon.com, Track and Manage Sales, no Monthly Fees (Regular Fee is $40/month), and pay 60% Royalties
  • Get 3 Unique ISBN Numbers with Three Matching Barcodes
  • Create a Custom Cover for a Book, CD, DVD, Poster, etc.
  • Turn a sermon into a chapter or mini stand-alone book (Can include Sermon Transcription)
  • Create 10 Newsletter Articles from a Sermon or Sermon Series (Content can be Blogged, Emailed, or Printed)
  • Create 5 Articles from a Sermon or Sermon Series and Post Online for SEO & Traffic
  • Create One Animated 30 to 60-second Video Clip to add humor or visual to a Sermon (Can be Posted on Church Website, Church Facebook Page and so on to increase Traffic)
  • Make 5 Articles from a Sermon or Sermon Series for a Newsletter, Series, or Mailer
  • Copyright Two Fundraising Pieces
  • Transcribe 4 Sermons so people can download for study
  • Translate 4 Sermons (already Transcribed) into Spanish to be Posted Online

To learn how, exactly, you and your company, church or charity can benefit from our Economical Services you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC to schedule a phone conversation with Randall Mains as quickly as possible. After all, you want to beat the recession as much as we want you to!

Why note get started right away! Select the package that best fits your budget in the form below, and we’ll get right to work on your behalf.