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Dear Pastor or Church Leader,

As a PK, I grew up understanding the importance of fundraising. I'll bet that if you're like my Dad, the Rev. David Mains, asking for money isn't your favorite pastoral activity. But you do it because that's how you fund everything from keeping the lights on in the sanctuary to paying salaries to supporting ministries that present the life-changing message of the Gospel to hungry souls.

Over the past 25+ years, God has blessed me to help numerous churches and ministries with their fundraising needs through some specific skills that I have learned in life. My experience spans a variety of areas... radio, direct mail, various fundraisers, publishing, product sales, but (most recently), raising hundreds of thousands of dollars through online efforts such as email fundraising.

Here's what we were able to accomplish for one growing church in Chicago:

The church retained us to help them open up new channels for funding their growing outreach ministry, which includes a church, radio ministry, television ministry, international humanitarian efforts, and the sale of the pastor's books and teachings.

Our first step was to help them build their email list. They were sending people to their website, but they weren't capturing as many email addresses as they could. In addition to offering general technical support for their store, we installed 3 important things.

1. We upgraded their website with an eNewsletter sign-up form and dedicated, benefits-oriented landing page to secure new email addresses (shown right). Together, these have gotten them thousands of new emails addresses - both to add to their mailing list and to replace those that inevitably fall off of mailings lists when people change email addresses or simply move on.

2. We installed an eight-week series of welcome emails. Not only do these emails run on autopilot for ease of use, but they introduce new acquaintances to the various aspects of their ministry.

3. We went to work raising funds from the people on their email list. We still write, design, code, install, and blast a regular eAppeal for them that raises over $10,000 each month.

Email Fundraising Case Studies

A. For that church in Chicago, who contracted with us to do their email fundraising, we just filed a recent report that showed we helped the church raise $127,739 through email in 2010.

B. For a large broadcast ministry in Phoenix, we conducted a 13-month email campaign that reaped 1,816 gifts for a total of $190,887 in income, netting them $158,387 after considering all expenses.

C. We also have served several television ministries. One from the East Coast first contacted us in for our help with good web communications. That quickly grew into a successful eMail Marketing effort that has generated $492,986 in email donations during our 38-month relationship to help them fund their ministry endeavors. For 2010, their email fundraising income was $209,294, up 26% over 2009.

We Can Help You Achieve Similar Results!

Why not get started now? You can contact us today for a free telephone consultation...simply fill in the form below or call us directly at 623-322-3334. Or, you can hire us online to develop a single email for only $595, or email with landing page and ecommerce checkout for only $1,295, or you could ask us to help you create an entire email fundraising strategy that includes a three-way split test each month, for only $2,495. We will write, design, code and blast the emails using your email service provider. Then we will follow the results, optimize as necessary, and strategically reblast to key email segments. Almost always, our agreed-upon goal is reached. In most cases, we have been able to achieve a 4-1 or 5-1 return on our client's investment with us, meaning we raise $4-5 dollars for every one we charge. Let's get going together to make your email fundraising a great success...at helping you Raise More Funds to Grow Your Ministry and Expand God's Kingdom.

Randall Mains, Co-Owner
Pathmaker Marketing LLC