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When was the last time you contacted a client just to give them some tidbits of useful information? If you can't remember the last time that this happened, you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC and discuss how we can establish an E-Mail Campaign that will endure your clients--and even prospective clients--to you due to the information you will be sharing with them!
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Designed to be multi-part in nature, E-Mail Campaigns are a prime example of Innovative Marketing that is not specifically Economically Driven. Adding to both the breadth and depth of your relationship with your clients, this program is one that subtly brings the reader to your door hoping to benefit from your expertise and knowledge.
To learn how we can serve you in developing an E-Mail
, contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC .
After all, a business is more apt to
succeed when its relationship with its clients
has both breadth and depth!