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Christian Marketing

Is marketing for a Christian organization different than it is for other companies? Absolutely. The same ethic that informs our ministries and mission statements must extend to our marketing. The test cannot be simply pragmatism?the fact that a particular marketing technique works cannot be the sole test of whether it is appropriate for it to be used.

With that philosophical basis in mind, here are some basic principles to guide any Christian organization through the maze of modern marketing.


Every communication stream, whether print, Internet, broadcast or spoken, must reflect this commitment to integrity. All marketing involves making choices of what features or aspects to highlight. Christian marketing makes those choices without ever misleading the potential customer or donor.

This focus on integrity requires additional careful analysis of what is being offered even beyond what would normally take place in the marketing process. The preparation for your marketing campaign must include the vital step of ensuring that everything you are saying and "selling? reflects on your core value of integrity.


One of the often-overlooked keys to powerful marketing is providing a sense of value. Whether that takes the form of pricing for a sales effort or providing a world-class level of service to those a donor is motivated to help, your success will be determined to a large measure by the sense of value that you create.

The Christian company does not enhance value by cutting corners but rather by "going the extra mile? to deliver more than most people would expect. Remember throughout your marketing to highlight the value from the customer/donor viewpoint rather than from your viewpoint?they?re the one making the decision.


All good marketing is measured and evaluated, but this step takes on extra meaning for the Christian organization because of our stewardship obligations. John Wanamaker, the originator of the department store concept famously said, "Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted?I just don?t know which half.?

A scattered approach that hopes for the best is wasting God?s money, for we realize that ultimately all of our resources belong to Him. Instead Christian marketing should be carefully planned and executed using the best techniques?and then carefully evaluated to ensure continued success.

Effective marketing is just as important for Christian organizations as for any other group?and this is even truer than ever during difficult economic times. Many have given in to the temptation to cut back on marketing efforts in an attempt to save money, but that is a short-sighted and wrong approach. Rather than cutting back on marketing, seek help in making sure that your marketing is state-of-the-art so that your organization can grow and prosper.

This is why I would like to offer you a free consultation to help you implement successful Christian marketing strategies that can drive revenue growth for your organization and generate additional support for your ministry initiatives. Click Here to schedule your free consultation now.

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