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Is Your Website Just a Pretty Face or
Is It Pumping Iron?

Your website is the face of your organization to a world that may desperately be trying to find you. When they eventually succeed, what kind of face will they see and experience? And, perhaps more importantly, how will they be converted to company assets after they land on your site?

Few organizations can afford to remain in today's marketplace without having a strong and sound web presence. But many set out to develop a website to represent their ministry or business only to end up failing, either because they have overdone or underdone their website. But do you know how to determine the effectiveness of your website? What factors should you be using to evaluate your presence on the web?

Whether you are looking to update a tired website or you are making your first foray into the world of Internet marketing, the professionals at Pathmaker Marketing LLC can help you understand how to create and maintain an effective website that will draw potential business to your site and further, to convert visitors into leads, email lists, sales, or donations. Give us a call at 623-322-3334 or visit our website, to find out how we can help.

Analyze Your Site
We offer the following criteria with which to analyze your website's effectiveness. None can stand alone, but, working together, the five will help you keep your website's pretty face out before the inquiring public.

1. Target
Before you can create an effective website, you have to know what its purpose is. What is the one result you want from going to the effort of putting up a website? In most cases, both for-profit and non-profit organizations want to impact the bottom line. To do that, you'll need to succinctly define what you want to achieve, and then develop a strategy for achieving it. Part of the strategy is understanding who is your target audience, what you have to offer them, and what are their their needs, habits and interests.

2. Tone
To achieve that one goal you identified for your website, what kind of tone do you need to set for those who visit your site? Serious? Business-like? Humorous? Adventuresome? Practical? Informal? Once you know who you are targeting, you'll know what tone to strike with that demographic. Everything should lead people toward taking the one step that will help you achieve your one goal.

3. Appearance
There are as many styles and "looks" for you to choose from as there are people in the world! The look and design you choose will be driven by your target and tone and design should align with the habits and practices of your target demographic. If you want to reach today's teens or twenty-somethings, you should avoid a formal, fussy look. But if you are launching yourself as a speaker to mid-life women's groups, formal might be okay, depending on your target audience. Confused about your target audience? We'll be glad to help you break it down and understand who you're targeting and how best to reach them. Just call us at Pathmaker Marketing, 623-322-3334, or visit the website, www.pathmakermarketing.net.

4. Organization
Information must be laid out in a logical, easy-to-find manner. Make it clear what you're offering and where visitors can find it on your site without clicking through to multiple areas. Spare visitors the frustration of figuring out how they are supposed to navigate through your site and make it clear, plain and simple. At any location on your site a visitor should be able answer these questions:
What page am I on?
What page have I just come from?
What area can I visit next?
How can I easily return to the Home Page?

5. Function
The function of your site is crucial, because you can do a great job with the four previous areas and still create a loser of a site if it's difficult to navigate or so fussy that users leave before you've communicated anything! Clever features may wow those in the hi-tech world, but unless your product or ministry has a high degree of know-how when it comes to the Web, you risk losing them before they've they've taken that one step that will help you achieve your one goal. Complex and hi-tech features can also cause your site to load slowly. Some visitors simply will not wait and will leave before you can wow them.

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Be the Problem Solver
When people visit your website, they are usually trying to solve a problem. Either, they need information you have, they want to get involved with your business ministry or they want a product or service you offer.

During a visit to your website you have only a few seconds to engage the visitor before he or she is gone. So you must show how you will solve their problem and invite them to engage further with your organization.

What's Your Niche?
As you consider engaging with visitors to your website, ask yourself what is unique about your organization. What separates you from others? Pinpoint that area and determine how portray it online. Work to create a home page that clearly portrays your unique niche, and draw visitors in to experience the thing you do best!

Another way to accomplish this is to consider the ways you already communicate with people. Here are a few idea-starters:

  • If you run a business in a specific field, consider listing "tips and techniques" that you are able to pass along to others. You may be surprised by the special knowledge you've gained as you've successfully piloted your business!
  • Do you enjoy writing? Consider publishing articles or even a book online. Produce white papers with information that you have and others need. Consider producing a blog with content that will motivate, inspire, encourage or effectively inform others. Some folks would welcome an inspiring quote or pithy saying of the day.
  • Do you have a radio broadcast? Put your shows online in a downloadable mp3 format.
  • Are you a public speaker or teacher? Convert your messages into mp3 format and upload them for your potential clients to enjoy any time.
  • Do you have performances of any kind that you can record and make available? Drama sketches, recitals, sermons or other presentations have great potential to be enjoyed by others while providing connection to you and your organization.

Invite Visitors In
Email is a tremendously efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with those who may be interested in your business or ministry. When managed properly, email can be a valuable means by which to engage with potential donors or customers.

The key in building a permission-based opt-in email list is to determine what useful, helpful items you can offer in exchange for names and email addresses. Once you have discerned this process, you are nicely poised to build your relationship with those on the list as you continue to grow it.

You can offer just about anything that will help solve a problem for those who are interested in what you have to offer-but you must be consistent and you must keep your organization in front of your potential customers/donors via email communication. Most often, you do this via an eNewsletter that provides incentive for your people to engage with you. You offer some unique information, a discount coupon, a free song, article, calendar, etc. as you connect with those on your list. We can help you design an effective email series that will engage your potential donors or customers and keep them coming back to your site.

Home Page Setup
In order to collect names and email addresses on your website, you must create a clear and attractive space on your home page that allows for this. Be certain that you work with a web hosting service that enables you to easily set up forms and collect information in a simple database. As you build your list of names, you will determine how often to communicate with these people as well as what you will say.

Provide a Welcome Series
As your list is developing and growing, you need to create a series of welcome emails that will further draw your new members to engage with your organization or business. You don't want to try too hard to sell or solicit donations with the first emails-that's like proposing marriage on a first date. Just work your way through the all-important get-acquainted process with those on your list while trying to build it. In time, you can invite those on your list to connect with you more directly, through donation or contract for goods or services. We can help you reach those most in need of what you have to offer.

Let Your Beauty Shine
The Internet is a vast frontier with millions of potential donors surfing at any given moment. Your website should be one of the prettiest faces out there, making your organization ripple with valuable information and effective relationships. Let Pathmaker Marketing provide you with an overall web fitness plan. Sign up for our help today.

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