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PATHMAKER MARKETING was recently privileged and honored to assist TYNDALE HOUSE conduct an Online Contest that was geared to helping promote their New Living Translation Brand Promise, THE TRUTH MADE CLEAR.  They had multiple goals, and we were able to help them attain each and every one of them!

The strategy we employed was to have them begin with an email to their internal list on November 17, 2009.  They received a very strong response, with nearly 250 entries in the first week.  Entries continued to flow in, with somewhat of a waning during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Preparatory to Christmas, we conducted an increase in promotional efforts - banner ads, email blasts, Facebook ads and social networking posts - which brought a strong response and hundreds of more entries.  By the time the contest ended on December 23, 2009 their website had logged over 26,000 visits with 6.5% of the visitors taking the step of entering the contest.

As with anyone who conducts an Online Marketing Contest, TYNDALE had several specific goals in mind when asking us to partner with them in developing their contest.  These include:


  • Engage Internet users across various venues with the New Living Translation text and products.

  • Establish multiple new internal marketing channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that could later be leveraged to promote and market upcoming NLT products.

  • Grow the internal email list assets for the New Living Translation.

  • Establish Online PR with good testimonial content and social media buzz by getting people talking about the New Living Translation in positive and exciting ways.

  • Establish hundreds of back links to company website(s), giving improved traffic and rankings from Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL.

One of the more successful techniques employed was to offer a "free sample? of the product. Over 1600 engaged the website and were invited to download the Gospel of John Bible Study, which included the full test of the Book of John.  The ability to be exposed to the new translation without any commitment went a long way to allowing people to see the value of the product.

Perhaps the strongest response was the requirement that in their entry to the contest the entrant speak, in some fashion, about the clarity of the New Living Translation.  An extraordinary number of entries spoke of the readability, the flow and meaningfulness of the translation - and beyond that - of the powerful change in their spiritual lives once they discovered the NLT.

Our next challenge, which was readily met, was to help them pioneer into the world of social networking.  The contest, which was dubbed the Breakthrough to Clarity Bible Contest and Giveway reached thousands via Facebook, Twitter, and various blogs and personal websites.  A host of hard-working social networking back links are still serving the NLT, which include, but are not limited to:

While social networking may be the up and coming thing, we did not want to neglect marketing methods that are tried and true!  As a result, we helped them create Search Engine Optimization with their contest as well.  The Bible Contest site is now ranked in a basic Google search, and NLT Bible Contest accounts have been set up in Twitter, Plaxo and many other vital social networking sites.  Here is a partial list of utilized sites:

In many of these accounts, the content of the blog is being auto flowed to the account page, further increasing the Internet terrain the NLT can claim while working to boost search engine rankings as well.

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Both PATHMAKER MARKETING and TYNDALE HOUSE were extremely pleased with the quantifiable "buzz? on the Internet as a result of the Contest.  We can verify that over 1100 individuals from fifty-four countries - ranging from Australia to Zimbabwe - spoke with sincerity, passion, and great joy about the meaningful role the NLT has played in their spiritual lives.  These testimonies have been posted on individual social networking pages where they were viewed by thousands of others.

We are pleased to announce that PATHMAKER MARKETING and TYNDALE HOUSE are preparing for Phase II of the contest.  Our team is compiling a list of "lessons learned? to enable us to maximize efforts and to gain the greatest impact from the investment of finances and human resources to help ensure that the NLT will overtake its competition and become the best-selling Bible on the market and, in turn, will greatly impact lives for the Kingdom of God!

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