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The Power of Email Fundraising to Generate $$

I still find non profit organizations that are apprehensive about email fundraising. It seems like their concerns sometimes hover around issues like: "Will email cannibalize their snail mail results?" or maybe even more fundamentally, "Will people react negatively to solicitations?" from their non profit through email.

Before April 2008, this client had not been doing any email fundraising. They agreed to let Pathmaker start a monthly email fundraising effort on their behalf that was tied to their monthly snail mail fundraising efforts.

After doing an initial Verify My Email campaign, their email list netted out to 20,000 deliverable names.

Here are the results from our last 13 eAppeals for them:

Thirteen-month Summary:
1,816 gifts = $190,887 gross income generated
(Monthly Averages: 140 gifts for $14,683)

Month-by-month eAppeal Income Summary:

13. April eAppeal 118 gifts $10,305
12. March eAppeal 91 gifts $11,813
11. February eAppeal 69 gifts $13,184
10. January 09 eAppeal 88 gifts $9,521
9. December eAppeal 122 gifts $23,833
8. November eAppeal 161 gifts $16,950
7. October eAppeal 106 gifts $6,853
6. September eAppeal 231 gifts $17,828
5. August eAppeal 199 gifts $28,550
4. July eAppeal 112 gifts $18,500
3. June eAppeal 139 gifts $10,450
2. May eAppeal 138 gifts $12,528
1. April 08 eAppeal 242 gifts $10,572

During this period we saw no dilution in their snail mail results. In fact the opposite could be aid: email was giving LIFT to their snail mail efforts while also standing strong on its own two feet in the metrics analysis.

Said differently for this client, staying on the sidelines prior to April 2008, meant they were effectively foregoing almost $15,000 in additional revenue PER MONTH.

I would say that's a significant amount of income for any not profit organization to overlook.

If you are looking for a professional fundraiser or non profit consultant for your charity, non profit organization, or church, please give me a call at 623-322-3334 to consider whether Pathmaker Marketing can assist your enterprise in generating significant sources of email fundraising income.

Don't be shy if your email lists are small to begin with. Pathmaker can help you implement a Traffic Conversion Plan and list growth strategies that will build your email file into a company asset that can deliver significant results for you. We're confident that we are one of the fundraising companies that can move your non profit marketing to the next level.

Randall Mains, Co-Owner, Pathmaker Marketing

At Pathmaker Marketing LLC it's our desire to help you implement a successful website that is more than a fancy billboard, but rather a hard-working marketing tool that can drive revenue growth for your organization and generate additional support for your ministry initiatives. Schedule your private consultation today and we'll do our best to see if we can be of service on your behalf.

Randall Mains, Co-owner

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