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In the current age of Internet Marketing, where GOOGLE Searches have virtually replaced the Yellow Pages, it is most imperative that you stake your claim on the Internet and GOOGLE PLACES allows you to do just that. Contacting PATHMAKER MARKETING LLC and enlisting the aid of our talented experts can assure you that the search-ability of your local locale has been optimized to the nth degree!

By involving yourself in GOOGLE PLACES you are taking the initial step in Company Brand Management. To show up on Internet searches you need to claim your location on GOOGLE. More than just stating your name and address, GOOGLE PLACES allow you to share various other forms of pertinent information about your business and the principals who help to make it a success. To view two excellent examples of GOOGLE PLACES, visit Randall Mains and Havana Café

Competition today mandates that you not leave the possibility of prospective clients finding you to chance. Rather, to show up on Internet searches you need to claim your location on GOOGLE PLACES. If your company listing goes on unclaimed it will contain random information which will, at best, be neutral in nature and, if a disgruntled client posts something can actually be negative in nature. By claiming your place you can expand it to include all the information that you want it to have.

As is so often the case, staking your claim in GOOGLE PLACES is not the end of the program. Rather, once you have established yourself with GOOGLE you will want to PATHMAKER MARKETING LLC assist you in doing the same thing with YAHOO, BING, and any other sites that would prove beneficial to your undertakings. Too, this is an ongoing process, where you can add on special events such as Sales, Learning Seminars, or anything else that clients and prospective clients might benefit from.

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