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To know what strangers may think about you and your company, simply GOOGLE your-self--what you learn may be surprising at least, and could even border on being shocking! In this day and age of Facebook and Twitter, the comments of one dissatisfied customer or a minor indiscretion experienced decades ago can shadow and haunt you forever. That's where PATHMAKER MARKETING LLC may prove invaluable to you, for we can help you determine what the Internet says about you by creating a GOOGLE PROFILE!

The best way to control what strangers see, and eventually think, about you is to ensure that there is a prodigious amount of positive information about you posted on the Internet. The best way to accomplish this is to create a Google Profile that is positive in nature and profuse in quantity. Since many people find it difficult to post "good" things about themselves, the professionals at PATHMAKER MARKETING LLC stand ready to help you with this project.

Basically, a GOOGLE Profile is an online Biography. While individuals need to have some degree of renown to be featured in Wikipedia, all of us can create and post a GOOGLE PROFILE. In essence, this is used to tell who you are and what you are about. Two good examples of this can be found at Randall Mains and Dr. Mike Evans. As you can see, your GOOGLE Profile can be most ambitious, including as much about you as you wish to share.

The pursuit of a GOOGLE Profile is a major part of Reputation Management, and, as mentioned, is an excellent undertaking for anyone who has had "bad press" about them in the past. What the Profile does is allow you to tell your story the way you want it told. In the world of "Page Rankings," Profiles typically score pretty high, which is also a boon to your reputation and your business. The completion of a GOOGLE Profile is also extremely beneficial if you have somewhat of a common name. Typically, if you don't do a Profile and someone GOOGLES you they will learn about other individuals with your name and not about you. This can prove especially detrimental if your namesakes have an unsavory reputation!

The issue that must always be kept in mind is that creating a GOOGLE Profile is all about you taking control of your "Personal Brand." The reality is, either you will define yourself OR the Internet will define you. An unfortunate example of this reality is when young people put photos of themselves on their Facebook Page involved in less than stalwart activities. What they seldom realize is that the information they share is there forever, and can be viewed by everyone: future college admissions offices and coaches; employers; lending institutions and even insurance companies. DO NOT allow happenchance to dictate what others find out about you when they do an Internet search--rather, contact PATHMAKER MARKETING LLC today and let us help "stack the deck" in your favor by creating an extensive, informative and positive GOOGLE Profile for you!

Completing your GOOGLE Profile, however, is just the beginning. Once that is accomplished you will want PATHMAKER MARKETING LLC to assist you with expanding to YAHOO, BING, SOURCE WATCH and other sites that might be particularly germane to who you are and what you do. Don't hesitate, contact us today!

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