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Website Design:

Five Basic Web Development Steps:
  1. Determine Your Goals and Objectives (store, leads, info, community, outreach, video, wiki)
  2. Decide on Your Essentials (Domain (URL), Host, eCommerce, Database)
  3. Develop Your Site Ingredients (SiteMap, Copy, Graphics, Navigation)
  4. Design and Publish Your Site (Appearance, Functionality, Load Times)

Improve & Enhance Your Site Website Communication & Promotion:

Five Basic Communication Steps:
  1. Generate Traffic with Online Promotions (SEO, PPC, Links, Banners, Email, Co-Registrations, Viral, Media, Press, etc)
  2. Convert Traffic into Useable Assets [lists, leads, gifts, sales] with Online Enticements (Freebies, eNewsletters, Offers, Access to Content, Community)
  3. Implement an Electronic Welcome Series (Present Vision, Establish Tone, Minister)
  4. Develop Ongoing Relationships by eMail (eNewsletters, Announcements, Offers)
  5. Synergize Online and Offline Communication (email, direct mail, telephone, media, etc)

Moving your Facebook Page to 100,000 Fans

"There are a multitude of activities where it can be said, "it’s a numbers game.” This is probably no truer that in the realm of Social Media, and, of course, one of the major aspects of that realm is Facebook…"