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I’m sure your first thought is, "Well, where are we going?”  And well it should be!  You would be appalled, however, if you knew how many people put together a Search Engine Marketing Program with no idea where they are going!

That’s why we at Pathmaker Marketing LLC want to share with you the importance of Keyword Research and, more importantly, offer our services in conducting an effective and successful program.

After we have determined "where” you’re going, we will work diligently to determine the best way to get you there!  Just as the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, you will want your journey on the Internet Highway to be as direct as possible.  While meandering on country lanes is a wonderful way to spend a vacation, "meandering” on the Internet is detrimental almost to the point of being disastrous!

Remembering that Keyword Research is the Foundation of an effective Search Engine Marketing Program will allow you to understand that, basically, you need to "chase” those individuals who want your Product/Service and are using the Internet to find you!  Our goal, on your behalf, is to determine and isolate the words they will be using while they are looking for you!  These are the words/terms that they will type into their Google Search.  Your goal, and our intent, is to make sure that you and/or your company "comes up” when they type in their Search Words!

"How many words can there possibly be?” you may ask.  Actually, the number is staggering, on the very verge of astronomical!!  And, you never know which ones your potential clients are going to be using, for you might not even think of some of them.  To better understand this, consider the fact that in the United States there are 850 species of birds.  Now, any one individual will undoubtedly see only a small percentage of these in their lifetime. The key is - - the birds they see will depend on where they come from!!  You won’t see a Roadrunner unless you have been to the southwest, for example.  What this means in regard to Keyword Research is this:  the staff at Pathmaker Marketing LLC will take it upon themselves to determine where your potential clients are coming from - - both geographically AND through their thought processes!

In relating this to "real” numbers, the typical Keyword Search will yield a minimum of 1500 words and/or terms.  Using tried and true filters, our staff will be able to determine those that are most often associated with your business.  From this "filtered” list you then need to chose the ones you intend to chase.  The key here is, you will want to chase those words that are "Winnable” - - that will allow you to achieve high Page Rankings!  We do this by prioritizing the list to find the words/terms that are Winnable for you.  Using yet another set of filters - - predominantly Google’s Pay Per Click and Monthly Volume, we are able to accurately determine those words/terms you should be concentrating on!

At this point the Research is completed, but the Task has just begun!  To actually win a term can take as long as three to six months of hard work.  BUT - - all the while you are striving to win that term you will know that you are heading in the right direction!  You will have identified a clear path for your Search Engine Marketing Program to proceed, which is paramount in your efforts.  Implementing a Search Engine Marketing Program without Keyword Research is like shooting darts with a blindfold on - - you might hit the Bullseye, but the odds are against you.  Most succinctly, we will assist you to "enhance the chance” of success.  After all, coming up with a list of words/terms is easy - - coming up with Winnable Terms is a science!  In fact, a comprehensive program with take 15 - 20 hours, if you know what you are doing - - much longer if you don’t!

An important fact to keep in mind here is this - - once you acquire your "Winnable Terms List” all of your efforts relating to the Internet need to revolve around that list - from Blogging to Facebook Entries.

Effective Search Engine Marketing Programs don’t just happen - - they are the result of a lot of hard work, and well-executed Keyword Research!

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