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Would you shoot darts with a blindfold on and expect to get a Bullseye?  Would you head north to go west?  Obviously, the answer to both of these questions is "no."  Yet, the number of people who hope to develop an effective Search Engine Marketing Program without conducting a Keyword Research Program would stun you.  We at Pathmaker Marketing LLC understand the folly of such an effort and, more importantly, stand ready to serve you so that you won't fall victim to such an ill-conceived notion.
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Keyword Research is the Foundation of a Search Engine Marketing Program, allowing a business to "chase" those individuals who want your Product/Service and are looking for you on the Internet.  Using a variety of filters, our staff will first enumerate the Keywords associated with your business, and then determine which ones are Winnable Terms  - - that will allow you Page Rankings, thus driving potential clients to your Website.
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After all, you don't want to try to build your business with a blindfold on!