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No doubt about it, E-Mail Fundraising is the wave of the future, and the future is now! If you have a ministry, or any non-profit organization, you need to contact PATHMAKER MARKETING LLC, one of the premier Professional Fundraisers in the world, and allow us to help you create an E-Mail Fundraising Program that will allow you to thrive in these troubled economical times. And, this is not just an idle claim!
Understanding that the key to success deals with Bottom Line to E-Mail Fundraising, we realize that people need to have some substantial statistics that they can sink their teeth into.
As a result, we would like to share the results of a client who retained us to conduct an E-mail Fundraising Program for them that began in November 2007—which now provides us with slightly more than three and a half years worth of verifiable raw data to work with. Rather than inundate you with a deluge of monthly numbers, we will share only the yearly totals to show the effectiveness of the program:

As you can, there is a growth trend that is both noticeable and notable. And, this during a major down swing in the nation's economy as a whole! The effectiveness of this program is commensurate with both the quality and expertise of the professionals at Pathmaker Marketing LLC, and the client's commitment to the program, which includes diligently working to build their "opt in” list and soliciting that list on a regular basis!!!!

Never one to rest on our laurels, and always wanting to be innovative to the point of being on the cutting edge, Pathmaker Marketing LLC recently assisted another client with a program that resulted in a 500% ROI for them. Basically, we were able to "sandwich” a TV show that they did on Father's Day with an E-Mail on the previous Thursday and another on Monday, the day after the telecast. We were so successful, and our client so happy, that we are planning on doing this each month for the rest of the year.

To help your ministry or non-profit organization ward off the doldrums of a sluggish economy, contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC and allow us to assist you in establishing an effective E-Mail Fundraising Program that will make you a hero and your efforts a success!

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