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The intent, and purpose, of a Telethon or 30 minute TV "One Time Offer” is to generate and garner funds for the cause being represented. A wonderful production, fabulous cause, and valuable products are all of little or no value, of course, if no "income” is realized. The key is not just to get pledges, but, and more importantly, to ensure that the pledges are fulfilled. As we forge into the 21st Century reality mandates that every non-profit not only be aware of the value of utilizing e-mail for Pledge Fulfillment, but are adept in the use of the process as well.

As a quick review in regard to the way a Telethon runs, a viewer/listener is moved by the message and calls to make a pledge. At the point, all pertinent information is gathered, and the non-profit then goes about "collecting” the pledge. In the technological world where we now live, however, it is not only possible but also probable that the viewer will no longer call, but rather will make his donation Online. The talented and experienced experts at Pathmaker Marketing LLC can assist a non-profit with Pledge Fulfillment regardless of how the donor’s information is gleaned.

In the case of a phone call, the donor can receive a "thank you” via e-mail within minutes. This can then be followed up a traditional letter with a "thank you” and other pertinent information regarding the donation. By combining these two methods, you will make the caller comfortable with the process regardless of what they are most familiar with. Obviously, the donor’s e-mail information will need to be manually entered into the system, and the "thank you” e-mail manually generated as well.

When the donation is made Online, however, the e-mail response can be automatically sent. This becomes both a time saver and reduces expenses, allowing that much more of each donation to go directly to the cause. In a day and age when the economy is tight to begin with anyway, each and every method of saving time and money needs to be pursed and employed.

To learn how, exactly, you can improve your Pledge Fulfillment for your non-profit, you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC to schedule a private phone conversation with CEO Randall Mains as quickly as possible. After all, prompt Pledge Fulfillment is important to you and your donors, and can be much more easily accomplished with the help of Pathmaker Marketing LLC!