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     We may not have attained a degree of technology on the level of Dick Tracy's "telephone watch" yet, but we are so close that Mobile E-Commerce is no longer just around the corner it is already staring us in the face! As a result, if you have not already made Mobile Marketing part of your E-Mail Campaign, you need to do so immediately. And, to help ensure that it is being developed properly, the talented and experienced experts at Pathmaker Marketing LLC stand ready to assist you with this quest!

      "Smart" Mobile Phone sales are going through the roof, not just in the U.S. but Internationally as well. At some point in the future, in the near future, the majority of people with Cell Phones will have "Smart" rather than "Dumb" phones. Part of this new technology will allow these phones to not only render the E-Mails, but actually allow people to "give" via their phone. As we zoom down the Autobahn of Technological Development there are already those companies that provide a "Mobile check out" feature for E-Commerce. The process is already developed to the point that it can be "cookied" so that the second time you use the system you are already into "one click" check out. This translates to the fact that, before long, we will be doing E-Commerce Mobilely!!!

      How close are we to this eventuality? According to the Mobile Marketing Industry, thirty-five percent of the people who read your E-Mails are already doing so on a Cell Phone! The system is both simple and secure. The Mobile Phone Company does not collect Credit Card Data, that goes to your Merchant Processor in "real time," and the money donated transfers to your account virtually immediately. The system is PCI Compliant, ensuring the afore mentioned security. While the phone system does not collect the Credit Card data, it DOES collect all of the donor's contact information: Name, Address, Phone Number, and E-Mail Address. This, of course, allows you to build a data-base from the information acquired. When this process is implemented, it will provide the ability for people to give you a donation of any size when they get an E-Mail from you on their phones.

      To learn how, exactly, you can develop a Mobile Marketing Plan for your non-profit, you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC to schedule a private phone conversation with CEO Randall Mains as quickly as possible. After all, keeping up with Technology is important to you, and can be easily accomplished with the help of Pathmaker Marketing LLC!