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The Internet has created so many Paradigm Shifts that it is nearly as hard to accept what is happening as it is to keep up with what is happening. One of those situations that is changing the landscape of our society is the trend to make payments "Online,” and/or the advent of "Automatic Deductions.” As more and more of society becomes "Computer Dependent” it becomes necessary for non-profits, Churches and Charities alike, to understand and accept that Monthly Giving is becoming best accomplished by Automatic Credit Card Charges!

In a nutshell, this is accomplished by the institution involved, Church or Charity, acquiring a PayPal Account that their supporters can utilize. In the case of the Church, individuals can do their Tithing or meet their Pledge Support via the PayPal Account. Charities can allow "Friends” to support them on a monthly basis in the same way. The key, of course, is for the non-profit to ensure that their supporters’ information is secure and safe. This is accomplished by employing the proper PayPal Account.

Without a doubt, the best way to go currently is PayPal Pro with Reoccurring Billing. At $60.00 a month, this system allows PayPal to charge donors’ accounts each month. The system is PCI (Payment Card Industry - Master Card data Security Standard) Compliant, which brings peace of mind to those who enroll in the PayPal Pro with Reoccurring Billing program. In essence, what this means is that the system has passed a series of tests to ensure that proper security measures are in place to protect members. It states that the process is approved by a certified third party, which covers the issues of Liability and Fraud Risks.

The talented and experienced experts at Pathmaker Marketing LLC cannot only explain this process to you in great detail, but can assist you with the implementation as well. Especially beneficial and cost effective to those entities that have a sizable number of donors, the whole idea of Automatic Credit Card Charges via PayPal with Reoccurring Billing is a 21st Century innovation that is not only convenient and a time saver for the donor, but one that allows the non-profit to plan and solidify their budgets as well.

To learn how, exactly, you can begin a PayPal Pro with Reoccurring Billing program for your non-profit, you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC to schedule a private phone conversation with CEO Randall Mains as quickly as possible. After all, convenience and security are important to you and your donors, and both are easily accomplished with the help of Pathmaker Marketing LLC!