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Without a doubt, the Landing Page is the "workhorse” of the Internet. There may be a number of more glamorous "horses” in the stable - E-Mails, Social Media, and even Tweets and Twitters, but it is the Landing Page that actually allows you to do business. Pathmaker Marketing LLC not only understands this, but our talented experts stand ready to help you ensure that your Landing Page is becoming all that it can be, and the best way to accomplish that task is through Landing Page Optimization.

The value of the Landing Page is understood by recognizing that it is central to you doing Business on the Internet. The goal of the Landing Page is to "close the deal,” and this is why it is at the Landing Page that you are able to collect Credit Card Information. E-mails and Social Media, which do not allow for the collection Credit Card Information, have the main task of sending clients and potential clients to the Landing Page. Landing Page Optimization is the key to, well, optimizing your Landing Page. This is accomplished through, among other things, Keyword Optimization (Click here to learn more about Keyword Research). [DESIGNER - PLEASE ADD A GRAPHIC THAT WILL TAKE THE READER TO THE PAGE ON "KEYWORD RESEARCH”].

An astute Internet Marketer realizes that every Landing Page needs to be Optimized, not just your Website’s Home Page. So, if you are conducting a "Special Offer,” for example, you will want to create a Landing Page for that offer and will, of course, want to make sure that it is Optimized. It matters not whether you are promoting the offer via TV, Magazines, or even an E-Mail—the venue of promotion’s task is to drive the "buyer” to the proper Landing Page, which you will want to have Optimized.

As you have probably already surmised, Landing Pages are vital to all Marketing Campaigns—which include, but are not limited to, Pay Per Click, E-Mail, TV, and Magazines. It is possible, and in many instances suggested, that you will be running these campaigns simultaneously with each and everyone of them leading your clients to your Optimized Landing Page. (To learn more about Pay Per Click and E-Mail Campaigns, click on the appropriate Graphic). [DESIGNER - PLEASE PUT IN GRAPHICS FOR PAY PER CLICK AND E-MAIL CAMPAIGNS THAT WILL TAKE THE READER TO APPROPRIATE LANDING PAGES!]

The last salient point that needs to be shared is that, just as you wouldn’t go to a general practitioner for brain surgery, you don’t want to go to someone with only cursory knowledge of the Internet to handle your Landing Page Optimization project. A Web Designer may make your pages look good, but you need your Landing Page to work "good.” Appearance is not the key here effectiveness is, and while "appearance” may be a part of that there is a lot more involved. That is why Randall Mains, Pathmaker Marketing’s owner, invested the time and money to become a Certified Landing Page Optimizer. Trained and Certified by MEC Labs, Randall adds a level of professionalism and expertise that few Marketing Firms in the world can equal!