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Have you ever noticed that invariably some of the most important things we need to do are also the most time consuming and the most boring? That is exactly the situation with your Website and Link Building! While an excellent way to strengthen your Website, the process of Link Building is tedious at best. That's why we at Pathmaker Marketing LLC have developed a Division dedicated to taking the worry and dread out of Link Building for you!

"Why," you may be wondering, "is Link Building relevant to my Business? Actually, there are two significant reasons that you should plan on making Link Building a part of your Internet Marketing Plan. The first is somewhat obvious - the more Links you have, the better the opportunity exists for people to get to your Website, thus bringing you in Qualified Leads. With a Dynamite Website each time someone visits your Website you have the chance of Converting them to clients.

The second reason deals with the fact that a well-developed and properly implemented Link Building Plan will increase your Page Rankings as a result of Google Searches. This, of course, should be an on-going part of your Search Engine Marketing Program, thus allowing your Website to be that much more productive.

Your next thought may very well be, "How will Pathmaker Marketing LLC develop my Link Building Plan?" Well, there are a number of techniques that we will develop and implement on your behalf. First, we will help get you placed in as many Directories as possible--National, Local, and "Niche." The purpose of this, of course, is to then have your listing linked back to your Website, driving traffic in that direction.

We will work diligently to ensure that you get Linked in Relevant Areas. To be listed in places just because they are available may be a waste of time and even counter-productive. As in any form of Marketing, you need to identify your Target Market and pursue them with your Marketing Efforts and dollars. The dedicated staff at Pathmaker Marketing LLC will be able to determine where you need to be Linked, and then make sure that you are located there.

Next, we will assist you in establishing Links on Blogs, Community Sites, and Forums. These are excellent places to establish you as an expert, as you will have the opportunity to interact and dialogue with individuals who visit the sites, thus making their conversion to clients that much easier.

With Social Media being the latest buzz, it shouldn't surprise you that we will be incorporating that into your Link Building Program as well. Inasmuch as your FaceBook Account reaches out to untold thousands, our ability to Link Back from there to your Website should prove to be a major cog in your Internet Marketing Program as well.

Another area, one that you may already be familiar with, is to be directly Linked to other Websites. We will apply our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise to determine which sites are relevant to your undertakings. Your Link Building here can take two forms - Reciprocal or Unilateral. Again, we will determine, on your behalf, which form will serve you best in each instance.

It is, undoubtedly apparent that this is, a time-consuming project. In fact, the Pathmaker Marketing LLC staff literally spends their days accomplishing this task for our clients. Equally obvious is the fact that your business would be better served if you and your staff spend the days engulfed in what you know and do rather than learning the Link Building process. There is one more tidbit you should know regarding Link Building, and that deals with the depth and breadth of the program.

Basically, there are four types of Link Building: Volume, which consists of concentrating on Quantity; Authoritative, which deals with Quality; Deep Linking, which links you to sub-pages and Local Linking. Of the four, Authoritative may very well be the most important--especially in the realm of Rankings. The more Relevant and Authoritative your Links, the more your Rankings increase. This is known as Link Juice and, by Boosting your Rankings, provides you with more qualified leads.

Why not get started right away! Select the package that best fits your budget, in the form below, and we'll get to work on your behalf.

If you'd prefer a personal consultation before deciding, please complete the form below. The question isn't whether or not you have the ability to create such a program yourself, the question is, wouldn't your time be better spent in your area of expertise, and retaining us to excel on your behalf in ours!

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