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What a wonderful business world it would be if we only had to pay for our Marketing and Advertising efforts when they actually work! If we could put up a giant billboard, but only paid when someone called us! Or only had to pay for a magazine ad when someone brought it in and showed it to us. Yet, that's exactly the way Pay Per Click, or Ad Words actually works! And, there is no one who can help you get more out of your Pay Per Click Campaign than PATHMAKER MARKETING LLC!

It is, of course, important to fully understand how Pay Per Click works. Utilizing Key Words, you run Banner Ads on GOOGLE, YAHOO or BING. When someone is interested in what they see, they "click" on it and are delivered to your Website. The number of people who visit you is recorded and tallied monthly, and at the end of the month you pay for the number of visits during that time, thus the designation "Pay Per Click" How much you pay is pre-determined, and based on the "value" of the Keywords and Terms you use!

There are several ways that Pathmaker Marketing LLC can help you ensure that you are, in fact, getting the most out of your Pay Per Click efforts. First, and perhaps most importantly, they can assist you in determining the Keywords and Terms that will show up in searches and that you can afford. By utilizing our Search Engine Optimization Service we will determine the words and terms that are associated with the products/services that you offer and, by utilizing a series of filters provided by GOOGLE, will help you choose the ones that your budget will allow you to afford.

Once we have accomplished the above, which can take up to six months, we then help you optimize your Internet Presence by saturating your Website, Blogs, and Facebook Page with those terms. As a result, you will find a marked increase of qualified, interested traffic to your Website. Which brings us to the way Pathmaker Marketing LLC can, perhaps, help you the most - - creating a Website that will convert Visitors to Clients.

Interestingly enough, Pay Per Click Programs often get a bad rap because people blame them for actually being successful! The purpose of Pay Per Click is to drive people to your Website,it is then the responsibility of your Website to make the conversion. You often will hear people say things like, "I tried Pay Per Click but it didn't work. I had forty two visitors and not a one of them bought anything, so I gave up on the program. Blaming Pay Per Click in this instance is like blaming the cab driver that brings potential guests to your restaurant that don't come in because they don't find the place interesting enough!!

To make sure that you don't have a dismal conversion rate like the one discussed above, the talented staff at Pathmaker Marketing LLC can help you design a Dynamic Website that will totally enthrall and entice those who visit it. Incorporating everything from FLASH to Virtual Tours, we will help you create a Website that will help you "seal the deal" with all qualified visitors!

To learn how, exactly, you and your Company can benefit from a properly developed PAY PER CLICK PROGRAM you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC to schedule a private phone conversation with CEO Randall Mains as quickly as possible. After all, there is no better Marketing Method than one where you only have to pay when it works!

Why note get started right away! Select the package that best fits your budget in the form below, and we'll get right to work on your behalf.

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