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You may want to use a Premier Blogging Service to help you make your Blog a powerful tool in your online marketing mix. Pathmaker Marketing LLC offers the talents and skills that make us one of the best Premier Blogging Services in the world. We can help put you in the fast lane on the Internet Highway. Your journey can be both fun and successful!

We can help you make your Blog an Effective Internet Marketing Tool. Our services include Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization and more.

As you prepare to use Blogging as a key Internet Marketing Idea, you will want to benefit from the best Blog System available. Pathmaker Marketing LLC features the Compendium System. Compendium helps companies, churches, and institutions use their Blogging time in a productive way. The system can help you get page-one rankings. That makes your Blogging a valuable Marketing Tool. One of the great advantages of Compendium is that it targets Winnable Keywords.

The task of Targeting Winnable Keywords is an Eight Step Process, which includes but is not limited to:

Everyone's Blog needs are uniquely different. That's why we design and install Compendium to meet your unique needs.

Here are some case studies to give you an idea of what form different Blogs can take.

Identifying Winnable Keywords is only the first of the many ways Pathmaker Marketing LLC can serve you as a Premier Blogging Service. We can help you create Dynamic Calls to Action (CTAs). These guide people to take actions you want them to take. Do you want people to subscribe to your Newsletter, register to your E-mail list, or buy your product? Dynamic CTAs are the area where so many Blogs fall short. This is where we excel!

Another important part of Internet Business Marketing Promotion is to offer an "RSS Feed" (Really Simple Syndication). We'll help you get your Blog content to Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter and any other Social Networks. We'll set up an Automatic Content Transfer to save you both time and energy.

Yet another way we can serve you as your Premier Blogging Service is to help you use your Blog as a Contest Tool. Contests are a great way to increase both the Fan count on your Facebook Page and your Internet Presence. And they're fun! We recently assisted Tyndale House with a Contest to promote their New Translation Bible. Give us a call to hear all about it!

And don't worry if you don't think you're a good writer. Pathmaker Marketing LLC Blog Ghostwriters can help you turn your ideas into excellent content for your Blog. Our talented and experienced writers will help you "flesh out" your content so your Blogs are informative, interesting, and get people to click on the Calls to Action you've provided for them.

To learn how Pathmaker Marketing LLC can best serve as your Premier Blogging Service please fill in the form below. After all, you can zoom along on the Internet Highway, or simply be a hitchhiker that is left behind!