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So you have a book — that’s great!

Now, have us convert your book into an eBook and get it distributed on Amazon, iTunes, Nook or Google Play!

Enjoy the benefits of an income stream without the hassles of shipping product.

Pathmaker offers 4 eBook services, all designed to increase your presence online, and improve your book sales from Amazon, iTunes, Nook or Google Play.

  • eBook Conversion — $375 includes the delivery to you of .mobi and .epub files for selling on Amazon/KDP, iTunes, Nook and Google Play (eBook covers supplied by client).
  • eBook Cover Design — $250 includes a professional ebook cover designed to stand out in the thumbnail listings on Kindle / iPad / Tablets / iPhones / Android Phones.
  • eBook Sales Channel Setup — $350 includes the establishment of your seller account either in KDP (Amazon), iTunes, Nook, or Google Play. 
  • eBook Page Optimization — $200  includes a product page that is professionally enhanced with HTML graphics, amazon-orange headers, complete book descriptions, keyword research and inclusion in page copy, researched book categories, and seven keyword terms for better results in Amazon searches.


Reputation Management Services

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Without question, your reputation is important to your business. Actually both your reputation and your business’ reputation are important. With the advent and expansion of the internet, your online reputation, both business and personal, has become crucial. It has become so crucial for business success that the old axiom that “character is more important than reputation” may be true in terms of self-assessment, but the reverse has become true online.

People do not have the opportunity to know your character online. They can only go by reputation, much of which is dependent upon what you say – or what others say about you – online. All it takes is one bad remark or, worse, one bad review to damage a business’ reputation online.

Here’s the problem: Reputation repair is a lot more complicated and less effective that reputation management.

The industry terminology is Online Reputation Management or ORM. There are some basic things that you can do to manage your own online reputation, and Pathmaker would be more than happy to share some of the best practices for doing so.

But, here’s the other problem: In most businesses, large or small, self-managed ORM not only ends up on the back burner, it ends up in a box in the basement. That’s understandable. You have a business to run. Your business is not reputation management. But ours is.

By allowing Pathmaker Marketing to manage your online reputation, you can focus on your core business and we’ll take care of keeping your online reputation spotless. Through a variety of methods, we will track everything that is being posted about you, your business, your partners, your brands, and even employees, if you wish

Your online reputation is too important to ignore. Give us a call at 800-224-2735 or contact us online. Let us show you how Pathmaker Marketing can help.

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