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So you have a book — that’s great!

Now, have us convert your book into an eBook and get it distributed on Amazon, iTunes, Nook or Google Play!

Enjoy the benefits of an income stream without the hassles of shipping product.

Pathmaker offers 4 eBook services, all designed to increase your presence online, and improve your book sales from Amazon, iTunes, Nook or Google Play.

  • eBook Conversion — $375 includes the delivery to you of .mobi and .epub files for selling on Amazon/KDP, iTunes, Nook and Google Play (eBook covers supplied by client).
  • eBook Cover Design — $250 includes a professional ebook cover designed to stand out in the thumbnail listings on Kindle / iPad / Tablets / iPhones / Android Phones.
  • eBook Sales Channel Setup — $350 includes the establishment of your seller account either in KDP (Amazon), iTunes, Nook, or Google Play. 
  • eBook Page Optimization — $200  includes a product page that is professionally enhanced with HTML graphics, amazon-orange headers, complete book descriptions, keyword research and inclusion in page copy, researched book categories, and seven keyword terms for better results in Amazon searches.


Selling on Amazon

How We Can Help You Sell On Amazon

It would be interesting to take a survey and ask people, “What is Amazon?” to see how many would say a river in South America and how many would say a place to buy things on the Internet! One thing is for sure, billions of sales are made annually on Amazon, and if you have something you would like to sell, it would behoove you to enlist our aid to ensure that you are taking the proper steps for your selling on Amazon!

Desiring to sell on Amazon is, in fact, a positive business decision, for Amazon is by far the largest e-tailer in the United States.  For example, e-tail sales in 2012 showed that Amazon did over six times as much e-tail business than its next closest competitor:

  • Amazon    -   $61 Billion
  • Staples     -    $10 Billion
  • Apple        -    $  9 Billion

As can be imagined, Amazon sales did not become stagnant in subsequent years, either:

  • 2012      -    $61 Billion
  • 2013      -    $71 Billion
  • 2014      -    $84 Billion

Not only are the “dollar sales” total extremely high, as of 2015 Amazon has 237 million customer accounts!  So, if you are intending to sell online you need to be giving serious consideration to selling on Amazon!

Your question undoubtedly is, “How, exactly, can Pathmaker Marketing, LLC help me with my quest to become part of Internet e-tailing?” The answer, of course, is that we can assist you with the basic selling techniques to ensure that you are going to be as successful as you possibly can be when selling on Amazon.

For example, we will start by helping you become approved by Amazon and then establish your Seller Account. The next task that we can give you guidance with is the establishment of your e-tail store.  We will show you how to best establish your product list, and then present it to the buying public.  Once we have accomplished these tasks, we will walk you through the process of creating the proper listings for your product(s).

If the product you are offering is a book, Pathmaker Marketing can also assist you by converting your hard copy product to an e-book format. In doing so, you then can double your product offerings by simply utilizing this new format.  With the advent of so many people utilizing e-book readers, this, too, would be a wise business decision.

Once we have helped you establish the basics where selling on Amazon is concerned we can then proceed with you to more advanced marketing/promotion. The first step here may very well be to assist you with fulfillment once your sales increase noticeably. Also, we can assist you in exploring various advertising veins, all of which are geared to increasing your sales. One of our avenues of attack here would be through the use of keyword research and page optimization. Along with this, we would assist you with e-book optimization as well.

One of the more important aspects of ensuring your success where promotion is concerned is the utilization of what might be considered peripheral aspects of marketing.  Pathmaker Marketing can assist you in this realm in two distinct ways:

  • Helping you acquire favorable reviews. Through the use of our staff and other contacts we can help populate your review pages with comments that will help increase your sales.
  • Cross promotion in social media. Our expertise and experience in utilizing such entities as Facebook and Twitter will help drive readers to your store and thus your product.

While Amazon is the leading e-tailer, once you have established yourself in that realm we can help you “expand” your business. This would entail getting you “set up” with E-bay, iTunes, Nook and other outlets. The most important thing to remember, though, is that you will want to start by selling on Amazon!

Obviously the sooner you get started with selling on Amazon the better it is going to be for you and your sales. As a result, you will want to contact Randall Mains of Pathmaker Marketing, LLC at your very early convenience. You can do this by calling him at ________ or e-mailing him at _____________. Either way, the sooner you get in touch with Randall the sooner we can help make you successful at selling on Amazon!!!

When peer-to-peer commerce was still new on the internet most buyers and sellers transacted business on eBay, a virtual garage sale site. eBay is still a viable marketplace, but statistics show that businesses sell six to seven times more product on Amazon.

Amazon is a powerful platform for businesses of all sizes. It provides enhanced services that help sellers spend more time focusing on marketing than on tasks like order fulfillment (packing and shipping) and on making higher margins.

Pathmaker has the experience and expertise needed for understanding the Amazon process and best practices that shorten the learning curve of getting your online business operating successfully.

Perhaps you don’t have an online business. It may be that your current business could profit from have a broader base by adding the power of ecommerce using Amazon’s platform. Experience has demonstrate that many business that have products for sale can increase sales dramatically when doing so through Amazon.

Not sure if selling product on Amazon is right for you? Contact us at Pathmaker and let us show you the possibilities.

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