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It's hard to believe. Established in 1960, the Internet has been around for over half a century! And there are two things that have always been associated with the Internet: Emailing and Searching. The question is, "Does your Search Engine Marketing Program perform as though it is as old as the Internet itself?? If you feel your Search Engine Marketing Program could serve you more effectively, you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC right away!

"How", you may ask, "do I know if my Search Engine Marketing Program is meeting my needs or not?"

The answer is in the search results. Where do you show up when someone searches for a term that applies to your company? If you're not dominating PAGE ONE, then you need to beef up your Search Engine Marketing efforts.

But it goes beyond that. This is VITALLY IMPORTANT: The fact that you show up on Page One when you search for your company name and the city in which you are located does not mean you have an effective Search Engine Marketing Program. You see, your Search Engine Marketing Program should be sending you new clients, not people who already know your company's name and where you are located! The challenge is to get Page One Rankings when people search for something they want and you offer.

As you undoubtedly already know, when someone does an Internet Search and they get voluminous results,
they tend to refine their search. For example, if you searched the Internet for "Trucks," you will get a lot of
results! This is when the refinement takes place. You may next go to "Trucks for Sale," only to find that
there is still a large number of listings! So, you keep refining it down until you get to "Chevy Pickups
For Sale Between Five and Fifteen Years Old." We recently worked with an Auto plex in Canada
who discovered that there were over 50,000 term variations involved for their product offerings!
Your goal is to show up on Page One for as many Search Phrases as possible, and that is
exactly what the experts at Pathmaker Marketing LLC is dedicated to doing for you!

With Search Engine Marketing you have two categories of terms/phrases: Short Tail and
Long Tail. With Short Tail the term or phrase is two words or less. Long Tail is three words
or more. The "Tail" gets longer each time you refine your search. Our talented staff can help you
determine the Keywords you will want to concentrate on, and then incorporate them into your
Search Engine Marketing Program.

At this point you may be wondering, "Why, exactly, do I want Page One Rankings?" The answer is
simple: Page One Rankings will get qualified traffic to your Website! Simply speaking, people will
click on your listing because they are looking for what you offer! That's why we at Pathmaker Marketing LLC
will concentrate on one thing and one thing only-creating your Search Engine Marketing Program so that it will diligently send you qualified leads.

Pathmaker Marketing LLC has three objectives while developing your Search Engine Marketing Program: 1) Get Page Rankings, specifically Page One; 2) Get Traffic to Your Website; 3) Convert Visitors to Customers. We meet those objectives first though comprehensive Keyword Research. Once we have discovered the Total Universe of Terms, we focus on the Winnable Terms by refining the list. Once we have identified the Winnable Terms, we approach your Search Engine Marketing Program with a five-pronged method of attack.

Our first area of concentration is Pay-Per-Click Advertising. As we refine your Keyword List en route to determining Winnable Terms, we seek those with a low enough Pay-Per-Click cost to make your quest for Page Rankings a viable undertaking. Next, we focus on Search Engine Optimization. This is a specialized undertaking that the Pathmaker Marketing LLC staff is most adept at, and has had excellent results with for many other clients!

Then we focus on Link Building. A science in itself, Link Building is one of those tasks that, while appearing to be tiresome, burdensome and even boring, is an important aspect in a Search Engine Marketing Program.

We follow Link Building with the development of Social Networking. Unbeknownst to many business people, Social Networking can be an integral part of their Search Engine Marketing Program, and not just a way to keep in touch with friends.

Last, but certainly not least, our talented staffers can help you develop a Blogging regimen that will anchor your Search Engine Marketing Program, as each post will work directly to strengthening your Page Ranking. Utilizing our knowledge and skills regarding BLOGGING. You can even retain us to actually write the Blog Posts for you

While these are five separate undertakings, our clients typically retain us for a Monthly Package that allows us to serve them in all five areas. This package can range in cost form $500 - $1000 - $2500 per month, depending on your needs and the depth and breadth of your Keyword List.

Why not get started right away! Select the package that best fits your budget, in the form below, and we'll get to work on your behalf.

If you'd prefer a personal consultation before deciding, please complete the form below. After all, you want to show up on Internet Searches more often than just when someone types in the name of your company!

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