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So you have a website — that’s great!

But are you getting qualified Search Engine Marketing traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, or numerous other Social Media channels?

Beyond your company name or brands, you may not be showing up. Solve that!

Pathmaker offers 4 SEM options, based on your budget, all designed to increase your presence online, and improve your leads and sales.

  • Bronze — 5 hours/month, $325 
  • Silver —10 hours/month, $600
  • Gold —20 hours/month, $1100
  • Platinum —40 hours/month, $1800

Within each package, our SEM services include:  

  • Keyword Research to ID the search terms your prospective customers are using.
  • Fresh copy writing to enhance your webpages with keywords you have targeted.
  • 27-point SEO optimization to A grade your website pages for target terms.
  • External link building to increase your Backlinks and Referring Domains.
  • Internal link building to cross promote important pages and generate leads.
  • Active Social Media Marketing (SMM) to increase exposure, traffic and links.
  • Weekly Blogging to highlight your areas of expertise, gain SERPs, and give you content to cross promote in Social Media
  • Pay per click Advertising to send qualified traffic to your site and isolate the best performing keywords

At the end of each month we provide a customized report for you that shows your traffic, links, SERPs and overall progress.

The available mix of exact marketing services we use under each package will be determined to be those that are needed most to positively affect your Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs).

What we need from you:

A minimum commitment of 6 months to prove out results! 

SEM isn't the Easy Button, but we believe your month to month improvements will be such that after your 6 month term is done, you won't want us to stop!

Simply complete the form above and one of our Search Engine Marketing specialists will be in touch to discuss how we can help make your website more successful via our Search Engine Marketing services.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM is the unheralded parent of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Unfortunately, the popularity of SEO, both as a catch-phrase and as a tool, often leaves the more powerful and robust SEM standing unnoticed and unused in its shadow.

Search Engine Optimization directs traffic to websites. Search Engine Marketing drives it.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about SEM is that it does get lost in the shadows. That means that most of your competitors are not using it to drive leads to their sites. That, in turn, means that you can turn their missed opportunity into your advantage. If traffic is be driven to your site, it is not going to your competitors’.

Contact us at Pathmaker. Let us show you how we can drive customers to your website.


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