We plant seeds on the internet
to help your company grow
Dear [fname],
It was an honor to meet you at the recent CBN Mixer!
If you attended the pre-mixer workshop, you heard me present "The Bottom Line for Success Online."  If you weren't at the workshop, feel free to download that helpful 10-page White Paper (or others) at www.pathmakermarketing.com/WhitePapers.
Since the internet is my area of expertise, I'll affirm this fact: You must start planting seeds on the web today if you want to enjoy success for your company online tomorrow. I consider this so important for local businesses, churches, and charities that I want to offer your company two more practical steps to jumpstart your efforts in this regard.
First, at no charge to you (meaning for FREE!), Pathmaker will set up your personal and company profiles in Google -- a great initial step for local search -- and establish Google Analytics on your company website, so you'll get valuable weekly traffic stats.
Second, I'm offering you a 50% discount off our Top 100 Local Directory Placements, designed to get your company listed in the Top 100 local, business, blog, video and map directories. That normally costs $995 ($10 a listing), but it's yours at 50% off for just $495 ($5 per listing)!
Or you can get our Top 40 Local Directory Placements on sale for just $195 ($5 a listing). Either way, I'm going to extend these two special offers to you until 6pm, Friday, May 6th.
I'm willing to help you plant your seeds today, so you'll reap the rewards tomorrow.
Contact me today to get started.
Randall Mains, Co-owner
Skype: pathmaker.marketing
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Glendale, AZ 85308
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