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So you have a Facebook Page — that’s great!

But are you posting content that get people excited to like, comment on, or share with their friends?

Pathmaker offers 4 SMM options, based on your budget, all designed to increase your posting activity, get you fan interaction, and improve your leads and sales.

  • Bronze — 20 posts/month, $500
  • Silver —50 posts/month, $1000
  • Gold —100 posts/month, $1500
  • Platinum —250 posts/month, $2500

Within each package, our SMM services include:  

  • Content Development for you to review and approve each week.
  • Photo Development for Facebook - Twitter after content is approved.
  • Posting of all content onto Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or your other channels.
  • Evaluations each week to isolate best performing content, and make revisions to improve going forward.
  • Recommendations for establishing strategic objectives for your Social Media, and metrics for measuring success.
  • External link building to increase your Backlinks and Referring Domains.

At the end of each month we provide a InfoGraphic that shows your growth trends, top posts, and overall key metrics in your various social media accounts.

The available mix of exact services we use under each package will be determined to be those that are needed most to positively affect your Social Media Marketing goals and objectives.

What we need from you:

A month to month commitment is all we ask! 

SMM isn't the Easy Button, but we believe your month to month growth will be such that you will see positive results from your Social Media efforts.

Simply complete the form above and one of our SMM specialists will be in touch to discuss how we can help make your Social Media endeavors more successful via our Social Media Marketing services.

Social Media Marketing Services

In business, the current rage is Social Media Marketing, and it is safe to assume that it is not just a fad.  Rather, it truly is a wave of the future.  And, as a result, Pathmaker Marketing stands ready to assist businesses in making sure they get the most out of their investment dollar.  For while it may seem that this is a road that companies can venture down on their own, the truth of the matter is, more often than not they would be better off to retain the services of professionals who actually know what they are doing, and how to do it!

There are a number of ways that we can assist an author, small business, church or non-profit with when it comes to your Social Media Marketing Services. 

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Writing & Posting Helpful Content (Not Hypeful Content)
  • Creating Images that Get Shared
  • Setting Strategies for Page Growth
  • Name/Email/Address Asset Acquisition 
  • Fan Interaction & Engagement
  • Producing "ROI" Results like Sales or Leads

The last objective is maybe the most strategic part of our Social Media Marketing Services, as our goal is typically to monetize your Social Media Marketing budget over time. That objective runs concurrent with other goals like branding, interaction, and reach. 

The important thing about our Social Media Marketing Services is that they allow your firm to be a lot more than just vogue.  The various channels provide a number of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Branding
  • Customer Interaction
  • Opportunity to build lists
  • Channels for outreach

Pathmaker Marketing is, perhaps, most interested in helping you to use our Social Media Marketing Services to develop tangible benefits such as fan lists and/or sales and donations.  Depending on the channels you choose, we can help you develop your traction on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Blogging.  So you can better understand what, exactly, we can do in regard to Social Media Marketing Services, take a minute and peruse the following examples of what we have already done!

Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy - A trilogy of children’s books, we manage book sales and various forms of Internet Marketing.

Gregory Dickow Ministries - A major TV ministry in Chicago, we produce seven pieces of content per day on their Facebook Page; make helpful image content; and create Marketing Programs for them.

Alebrijes - A major form of Oaxacan Folk Art, we help promote sales through an extensive blogging effort and displaying attractive images.

Jerusalem Payer Team - Again, our efforts on their behalf run the gamut from extensive copy writing to posting numerous photos.

Tyndale House Contests - Used to introduce new product and increase the size of their e-mail lists, the contests we have conducted on their behalf have been most beneficial to their over-all efforts.

As you can see, there is a lot more to Social Media Marketing Services than meets the eye.  To learn more about how Pathmaker Marketing, Inc. can help you with your Social Media Marketing, contact Randall Mains at 1-520-271-4274.


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