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Most of us, when we think of Social Networking, picture Facebook in our minds. Created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, it has grown to be the number one Social Networking entity in the world, and vies for the distinction of being the largest US Web Company with Google and Amazon on a most competitive basis. What this means to you is that with over 500 million active users, Social Networking has become a viable choice as part of your Internet Marketing Program! This is true because Facebook now has Company Pages, which allows the general public and not only your friends to visit.

One of the major advantages of Social Networking (and there are several!) is that it allows you to actually Interact with both your current and prospective clients/customers! You can establish a question and answer scenario, where you are able to display a degree of your expertise. Further, you can discuss your plans concerning upcoming sales and specials! You can actually have Testimonials posted there, allowing prospective clients to get an idea of the qualifications and quality of your product or service.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Social Networking is that it creates a situation whereby people are circumventing the "Google Search." Today, via Facebook, Twitter and other avenues of Social Networking, people are informing and advising their friends where to do business! We tell our friends where to eat, where to play, and even where and what to buy. The exciting thing is that when Friend A shares something on their Facebook Page, they are sharing with Friends B-W and with all their friends.

To stay on the cutting edge with your Internet Marketing Plan, you need to make arrangements to create a Company Page as soon as possible.

Fortunately, we here at Pathmaker Marketing LLC can accomplish this for you for less than $300.00. Not only will we do the technical work involved, we will do the necessary research to decide where, exactly, you and your company should be located to be best served. If your product and service appeals to authors, for example, you will want to have a page on Shelfari - a Social Network devoted to creating a global community of book lovers by encouraging users to discuss and share their favorite books with friends and strangers.

On the other hand, you may find that to be a part of LinkedIn is where you would best be served. With over 80 million members, it is the world's largest Professional Network. Connecting you with trusted contacts, it allows for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a vastly broad Network of Professionals. The dedicated and expert staff here at Pathmaker Marketing LLC will not only help you determine where to be, they will make sure that your presence there well represents you and your company.

Your Social Networking Page can be important in several ways, and with our guidance you can rest assured that yours is serving you to its utmost in every instance. For only $495.00 per month we will conduct all of your Social Networking Program. This includes creating an intriguing, interesting and informative page that will appeal to all who visit. Through such exciting innovations as Contests, Raffles and Sweepstakes we will build your Facebook Fan Base to near astronomical numbers by reaching out to people and incorporating appropriate groups.

As you consider developing your Social Networking Programs you need to consider this: Google is Geographically Targeted and Facebook is Demographically Targeted. As can readily be understood, to be most effective your Internet Marketing Program needs to combine both "Search" and "Social Networking" to ensure that you are getting the most out of it! And, no one can help you achieve this combination better than Pathmaker Marketing LLC!

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