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There is no doubt about it - - we live in a world of technological development that is totally unbridled and literally staggers the imagination!  In fact, you can go from the "cutting edge” to "humdrum” and not even realize the transition has taken place!  That is why we at Pathmaker Marketing LLC are not only dedicated to keeping up with the Internet Marketing Industry, but stand ready to avail ourselves and our knowledge and expertise to our clients so that they can, in fact, be the forerunners of Internet Marketing and not the "also rans.” 

We feel that it is unequivocally safe to say that there is nothing more "High End” in the realm of Visual Presentation than the 3D Virtual Tour.  If you have something "unequalled” to share, 3D Virtual Tours are "unequalled” in presenting it to your potential clients.  From a Magnificent Facility to New Product Demonstrations—from mini how to Seminars to Staff Introductions, the 3D Virtual Tour is something that draws prospective clients to your site, and then, because you can make the Site interactive, allows them to linger and learn about the unique elements that make your company so very special!

Since we adhere to the old adage that "showing is better than telling,” we would suggest that you take a moment and visit a Tour that we recently completed for a client— www.tenboom.com. As you will immediately note, this a Tour of the Corrie Tenboom Museum in Amsterdam.  As you undoubtedly know, the Tenboom family hid Jews from the Nazis in their home during WW II, and the Tour is of their home.  As you can well imagine, this Tour provides the opportunity for millions of people who would not otherwise have not have a chance to tour the Museum.

As you progress along the Tour you will discover that there are a total of 19 Tour Stops, with Narration at each and every Stop.  In order to make the Tour as pleasurable of an experience for as many people as possible, our client had the Tour translated into twenty difference languages. Each Stop has its own story to tell, making the Tour both enlightening and enthralling!

The excitement of "Interactivity” can be experienced throughout the Tour as such exciting visuals as candles, clouds and butterflies are encountered! Filling the Tour with these elements allows us to keep the Visitor completely engaged as they meander along the Tour Route!  When we develop your 3D Virtual Tour we will be able to spice it with equally interesting items.

An especially exciting element of the Tenboom Tour is the existence of a microsite where the Visitor can actually sign the Guest Book and leave comments.  The advantages of such a situation are multiple in nature and extensive in scope.  Having Pathmaker Marketing LLC incorporate such a device in your Tour will allow Visitors/Potential Clients to give instant feedback not only to the Tour, but to the product/service you are presenting for their scrutiny.

As well as Museums, 3D Tours lend themselves to any entity that features Special Facilities or a Site that has a story to tell.  Incorporating such features as Custom Design, Full Screen HD, Music, Branding, Flash Effects, and Thumb Navigation, 3D Virtual Tours add depth and breadth to your Internet Marketing that only a few are availing themselves of!!

To learn how, exactly, you and your Company can benefit from a 3D Tour you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC to schedule a private phone conversation with CEO Randall Mains as quickly as possible.  After all, you want the Interest Level of all your Visitors to soar!!