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So you have a website — That’s great!

But are you getting found on Google, Yahoo or Bing?

Beyond your company name or brands, you may not be showing up. Solve that!

Pathmaker offers 4 SEO options, based on your budget, all designed to increase your presence online, and improve your leads and sales.

  • Bronze — 5 hours/month, $325 
  • Silver —10 hours/month, $600
  • Gold —20 hours/month, $1100
  • Platinum —40 hours/month, $1800

Within each package, our SEO services include:  

  • Standard SEO on your company name and priority brands.
  • Site submission to Google and Bing Webmasters.
  • Keyword Research to ID the search terms your prospective customers are using.
  • Fresh copywriting to enhance your pages with keywords you have targeted.
  • Image installation with full meta content inclusion.
  • 27-point SEO optimization to A grade your web pages for target terms.
  • External link building to increase your Backlinks and Referring Domains.
  • Social Media mentions to increase exposure, traffic and links.
  • 404 Error Page Resolution to fix broken webpage links.

At the end of each month we provide a customized report for you that shows your links, SERPs and overall progress.

The available mix of exact marketing services we use under each package will be determined to be those that are needed most to positively affect your Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs).

What we need from you:

A minimum commitment of 6 months to prove out results! 

SEO isn't the Easy Button, but we believe your month to month improvements will be such that after your 6 month term is done, you won't want us to stop!

Simply complete the form above and one of our SEO specialists will be in touch to discuss how we can help make your website more successful via our Search Engine Optimization services.

Web Developer Tools & Website Development Options

One of the most basic challenges facing any business in today's "high tech” digital environment is setting up a website that is affordable, manageable and able to achieve your marketing objectives.

One of the issues complicating this is the fact that you may not know what some of the better website development options are, or which web developer tools are most economical, manageable and capable for effective marketing. 

We have summarized various options for website development that we recommend for their strengths in these various vital areas:

  • WordPress websites (widespread, economical, manageable, easy to SEO)
  • SiteApex websites (secure, economical, manageable, easy to SEO, premium 24/7 support)
  • Volusion ecommerce stores (manageable, easy to SEO, #1 hosted platform with 24/7 support)
  • Custom websites (original and unique, customized to specific needs)



There is no doubt that WordPress is a worthy option, as it has been downloaded in excess of 45 million times, making it the #1 blogging and publishing platform on the web. In fact, it reportedly powers almost twenty percent (20%) of the entire Internet.

The foundation we prefer includes installing WordPress on the host of your choice, laying down the Genesis Framework, picking a theme that will work for your design, installing Yoast for SEO purposes, and selecting a theme. For the most part, once the WordPress development process is done, you can self-manage your site, which keeps your monthly maintenance fees low. However, and this is most important, because of the fact that you get no live support from WordPress, you will want to retain Pathmaker on a maintenance plan as a form of backup.

Inasmuch as WordPress is free, you get a large number of the significant components of your website for free. Pathmaker can modify and customize the site as the client deems necessary. 


WordPress is a robust, economical platform that you can manage to a large degree on your own (Copy Changes; Photo Swaps), but you will want professional tech support for numerous issues and items that you are not able to handle (Customizations, Integrations, Plugins, Automations, etc.).

Examples: Alebrijes for Sale | Andy Thompson | Gregory Dickow Blog | GWI | Karen Mains BlogMike Evans Museum | Pathmaker Marketing Blog 



In many ways, SiteApex is much like WordPress (tons of features, a full back-end administrative panel) but with one major difference – it comes with "24/7” technical support and a rock-solid guarantee.

One of the best ways to understand the difference is to compare them to buying a car: 

  • WordPress is like buying a car without a warranty.
  • SiteApex is like buying a car with a warranty.

If any source code on your SiteApex website malfunctions, we fix it, no questions asked. As a result, any "repairs” your SiteApex website might need would be accomplished with no additional charges to you. Furthermore, this is a platform that you can easily manage internally.

In essence, SiteApex provides you with "Premium Hosting.” With WordPress you would pay a company, like GoDaddy, a monthly fee for hosting your website. But if repairs are needed, you're on your own. With SiteApex you pay a $50 per month fee for hosting and premium 24/7 tech support. You also get access to our technical support team at anytime for advice, assistance, or to fix anything in your website code that is malfunctioning, available 24/7 with no extra charge.


SiteApex is a robust, economical platform that you can manage to a large degree on your own (Copy Changes; Photo Swaps, Content Uploads), but you also get 24/7 professional tech support for numerous issues and items that you are not able to handle (Customizations, Integrations, Plugins, Automations, etc.).

Examples: Occasions By The Bay | Carleton Place | Moore Details Bookkeeping | PECFDC | Dr. Gosain Dental Office



When it comes to e-commerce sites, there are two basic kinds: a "hosted” platform and an "unhosted” platform. Utilizing a "hosted” site is like leasing space on the internet. You have to pay a monthly fee, but there is no upfront charge for setting up your store. This is typicaly an advantage in that you avoid the substantial expense of building your store from the ground up. Also, if yours is a unhosted site, you will likely need a full time tech person to manage it.

Pathmaker is a proponent of, and usually uses, Volusion when setting up e-commerce sites for clients. Pathmaker is a Premier Expert with the Volusion format. However, at a client’s request, we can install and work with a different e-commerce platform.


Volusion is a top-rated, hosted e-commerce platform available at a reasonable cost. And, "24/7 Support” is included in the monthly license fee.

Examples: Gregory Dickow | Mainstay Ministries | Alebrijes | Wings on Things



As the name indicates, this particular type of website is made to order and built to your specifications. As part of the process, Pathmaker can both design the site and recommend the best options. When you come to us, you can either bring a list of what you want to include or we can create a list that will best meet your objectives.

If your needs are unusual or unique, this is the route to go. Your site would probably be coded from scratch, but, theoretically, could be accomplished via a platform. 


Custom websites are a solution for someone who has specific, unique needs or requests.


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