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Have you ever been on a Blind Date? Have you noticed that your first,
and foremost, concern is how attractive the other person is? Remember how thrilled
you were when you discovered that they were "drop dead" beautiful? Then, after three minutes with them, you felt your excitement wane as you discovered they were about as shallow as a kiddy wading pool? Websites are a lot like a Blind Date - - you want them to be attractive enough to catch someone's eye, but you want them to have enough depth and substance to keep their attention once they decide to check it out. At Pathmaker Marketing LLC we understand all the ins and outs of Website Design, and chances are we can create the perfect site for you!

When it comes to Website Design there are several basic "Musts" that need to be kept in mind - the Do's and Don'ts, if you would, of Website Design. Here are a few points you will want to consider:

Design - it isn't about you: You need to ensure that your site caters to what your Visitors like, not you. With that thought in mind, there are numerous things to avoid, and the Designers at Pathmaker Marketing LLC not only know what these are, but how to stay away from them.

Ease of Use - make it easy to find your content: Visitors need to be able to easily see what you have to offer and to be able to readily get to it. Our Designers will equip your site so that visitors can easily navigate around it.

Copywriting: Too little and your Visitor leaves uninformed; too much and they leave bored. Pathmaker Marketing LLC Designers will direct you as to how much is perfect and, if you so desire, our Copywriting Staff can even prepare the text for you.

Interactivity: One of the cutting edge aspects of Website Design is providing the capability of "involving" your visitors. From Games to Gathering Information, our Designers are adept at creating opportunities for "Visitor Participation" with your site.

Technology - use it to facilitate meaningful conversation: By using State of the Art Technology our Designers can actually determine your visitor's likes and interests by the way they browse your site, thus allowing you to "cut to the chase" when you do follow up contacts.

Content - make it useful: Pathmaker Marketing LLC Designers are trained to design Websites so that they address visitor's potential problems and provide resolutions.

It would seem that the above is all you need to know about Designing the Perfect Website. The reality is we have just barely scratched the surface! The Pathmaker Marketing LLC Designers work closely with our Search Engine Optimization Team to ensure that your site is, in fact, "optimized". The key here, of course, is Targeting Keywords.

As is often the case, when dealing with Targeting Keywords there are several salient points that you need to be aware of and, when Designing Websites, that you need to adhere to. The main issue here is "Research" and there are several steps that include, bur are not limited to:

  • Listing the Keywords you would enter into a Search Engine to find your Competitors
  • Expand your list by writing down derivatives of the original words
  • Determine how competitive the Targeted Keywords are

The fact that this can be a somewhat tedious process makes the all-encompassing services of Pathmaker Marketing LLC a real God-send to those who want to spend their time running their business and not learning Web Design!

Search Engine Optimization and Targeting Keywords team together to allow you and your Website to achieve Higher Rankings via Search Engines. Your goal in this area is to capture as much of the "Page One" Real Estate in searches relevant to your business as possible.


Again, our DESIGNERS are schooled in this area to make sure that they, among other things:

  • Structure your site appropriately to be found by Search Engines
  • Make Navigation easy and clear
  • Make sure <TITLE> and <META> tags are used appropriately
  • Check for "Broken Links" and correct HTML
  • Keep Parameters short on Dynamically-Generated pages
  • Use <ALT> tags and descriptive names for all photos and images

One of the real strengths of Pathmaker Marketing LLC and our DESIGNERS is that we are constantly on the cutting edge of Website Design, and that includes the utilization of Virtual Tours

A Virtual Tour can be an interesting and valuable addition to your Website. As our Designers incorporate the Tour into your site, they will be keeping in mind such issues as:

  • The Goal of your Tour
  • Who you are trying to reach
  • The kind of "Bandwidth" you will be working with

To date, the typical Virtual Tool has consisted of 360-degree "still shots" of the inside and outside of a facility. Pathmaker Marketing LLC has far exceeded that most basic Virtual Tour. The "tour" that we can do actually affords the viewer the sense of moving along a path as they take their tour! They can encounter your Key Personnel, who can relay to them pertinent information about themselves and your firm, thus getting a real "feel" for who and what you have to offer. If your desire is to INTERNATIONALIZE your Website, our Designers can coordinate with our Translation Staff to provide your Virtual Tour in virtually any and every language you may want.

To allow you to see an example of what the Pathmaker Marketing LLC Designers can accomplish on your behalf, please "click through" on the following link: www.tenboom.org.

When it comes to your Website, what you want, and what our DESIGNERS can create for you, is a site that will allow visitors to create a relationship with you. To do this, they will develop a Website that works exceedingly hard for you, and is more than just "eye candy." Let me quickly explain.

For the moment, let's compare your Website to a Highway Billboard. Billboards just sit there - conveying messages and hoping that people notice them. They cannot, however, develop a relationship with those who come across them. It doesn't know those people's names, or how to get in touch with them. Unfortunately, many good-looking Websites are launched, and even adequately promoted, that never engage the viewer in dialogue, with the result being that most of the "surfers" will move on to other sites with no strategic, long-term value to you! Our DESIGNERS will correct that problem, allowing you to develop a pattern of communicating with those who visit your Website.

The ultimate measure of the success of your Website is determined by Conversion Rate. When you invest money in a website and the methods used to bring traffic to it, you need to be able to calculate ROI (Return on Investment) and your Conversion Rate is what you should use to make this determination. Conversion Rate can be defined as the percentage of people who, after visiting your Website, take the desired action you have in mind - Signing up for your Newsletter or Making a Purchase. We can assure you that no Website will have a Conversion Rate higher than the ones created by the Design Staff of Pathmaker Marketing LLC.

To learn how Pathmaker Marketing LLC can best serve as your Website Designing Service, please fill out the form below. After all, you can have a Website that works hard for you OR that is little more than "eye candy!"

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