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Save $500 a Month in Costs, Increase Your Medical Practice Revenues,
and Improve Patient, Staff and Doctor Satisfaction!

With Webley MD Reminders, your medical practice can benefit from all of the following! Webley MD Reminders are more effective at reaching patients than your staff. Webley MD can make reminder calls in the evening when patients are more likely to be home and automatically track the result of each call attempt. And our free email reminders work well for patients who prefer to be reached by email. It won't take long for you to notice lower no show rates, and realize the following benefits:

Save Staff Time

  • Send personalized voice and email reminders to patients in just minutes
  • For just a few minutes a day, Webley MD can save your front desk from hours of routine phone calls


Enjoy Cost-Savings

  • Uses newer, more affordable and more reliable broadcast voice messaging and email technology to reach patients. Pay for only for phone calls. Email reminders are included at no additional cost.
  • Subscriber based with no equipment to purchase, nothing to maintain
  • With Webley MD Reminders, you could save $500 a month in staff time


Recover Lost Revenues

  • Proven to reduce no shows by 30%, which could mean up to $90,000 per Doctor in found revenues per year
  • Send other types of notifications that increase demand for your practice's services


Increase Efficiency

  • Track campaign results with summary and detailed reports
  • With the support of your dedicated practice advisor, your practice will learn how to make the most of your appointment reminders and outbound messaging


Improve Patient Satisfaction

  • Notify patients of account balances, office closures, preventive health initiatives, and more
  • Offer patients the convenience of voice and email reminders and appointment confirmations


And when you combine Webley MD Reminders with other our other popular products, you'll also be able to do all of the following!

Account Balance Notifications: Phone and email account balance reminders are more effective than mailing account balance due reminders. Our account balance notifications respect patient privacy and they get the attention of your patients.

Lab Test Results Reporting: The majority of lab test results are normal. Webley MD makes it easier and faster to share the good news with your patients. The faster your patients receive the results, the fewer phone calls you'll get from anxious patients.

Health Screening Reminders: Patients appreciate receiving health screening reminders and these messages are also an easy, inexpensive way to generate demand for your practice's services. Telephone reminders are the most effective at getting your patients to call to request a health screening. Webley MD makes it easy to notify your patients of recommended health screenings.

Vaccine Reminders: Vaccine reminders are another great way to generate demand for your practice's services. Webley MD Reminders makes it easy to keep your patients up to date with their vaccinations. Tell us which of your patients need vaccines and to contact and we'll send your patients automated call and email reminders.

Can your practice afford to forgo the additional income generated by Webley MD Reminders? Automated appointment reminders save time, increase staff productivity, provide greater convenience to patients and have better message deliverability rates than manual phone calls. In addition, automated reminders have been shown to be effective and readily accepted by patients. Such systems are affordable and cost effective for most medical practices.

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