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What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is the sum total of all of an organization’s marketing efforts that are carried out online. The purpose of internet marketing is to expose, explain and promote your business or cause on inline, in lieu of or in conjunction with what Baby Boomers refer to as “traditional methods,” such as printed catalogs, newspapers, magazines, radio and television. When business is transacted via internet marketing, it is called ecommerce.

There are three major components of internet marketing:

  • Email Marketing. This may involve either regularly-scheduled or ad hoc email campaigns aimed at potential, current or lapsed customers or other select audiences to promote products, services or events.

  • Web Marketing includes SEM and SEO, especially as they pertain to exposing your business, creating affiliate marketing campaigns, and advertising online.

  • Social Media Marketing. Connecting to customers through social media may be as significant as search engine optimization, because a well-defined and broad social media presence can often drive customer loyalty far more effectively than your website alone.

Any well-conceived online campaign will include all three of these elements like legs on a three-legged stool. If one leg is missing, you still have a stool, but it will not provide the continual support that it was designed to.

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