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What Is Marketing?

Doesn’t everyone already know what marketing is?

Perhaps they do, but you will likely get a different answer from every person you ask. If you want to know what marketing is and you want to have a little fun at the same time, try Googling "What is marketing?” I just did. It returned 993 million answers in just over one-half second. When you finish reading all 993 million entries, you should be able to summarize the aggregate into a simple sentence. We can’t do that. We’re too busy actually doing marketing.

Since "digital marketing” is our middle name, we thought it would be appropriate for us to explain to you what we believe "marketing” is. Then you will have a basic understanding of what we do.

A simple, broad definition of marketing is "A plan developed and executed to expose, explain and promote products and services.”

Expose: You may have the best popcorn popper ever, but unless you expose it to the public, no one other than you will know about it.

Explain: Yes, it may be the best popcorn popper ever, but unless you explain to people why it is the best, no one other than you will care about it.

Promote: People will now know about your popper and why it is the best ever, but unless you keep telling them why they need to own one, no one will ever buy one.

Another way to describe the marketing process is:

·       Telling people THAT it is

·       Telling people WHAT it is

·       Telling people WHY they need it

But there is much more to marketing than that.

Marketing actually begins long before exposure, in the component commonly referred to as R&D. Research and development is what gives birth to the product or the service. It is often conceived as a result of searching for a solution to an existing problem. It is during this part of the process that the reasons for why the product is superior are generally evidenced.

Successful marketing – marketing that leads to growing use of a product or service – involves more than just some advertising on the downstream side.  It requires careful pricing, distribution, and constant and continual promotion. Have you ever watched television? Have you ever noticed a commercial for Ford pickups? Have you ever noticed how many commercials there are for Ford pickups? The models, styles, and sizes may come and go, but not without Ford letting us know about it. And they are not going to wait for us to Google them.

The point of marketing is ultimately to develop a product or service that is needed, priced correctly, available for purchase, and to present it to the public in a way that creates a desire for and enthusiasm about it.

Pathmakers Digital Marketing Agency’s business is about marketing your business, church, club, or other organization, primarily in digital ways and channels. We work for you to effectively expose, explain and promote your company and your cause online and beyond. In a century when we are bombarded daily by advertising, an organization can choose to simply exist or to thrive. A good product or service is the right place to start, but, without effective marketing, you will never thrive. All you will do is exist.

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