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What Is SEM?

One of the biggest – and most common – mistakes in marketing a website is placing emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) while neglecting Search Engine Marketing (SEM). People generally understand SEO, but mention SEM and you will get a blank stare. The problem is so common that when we began building this website, we initially placed SEM at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

SEM should, in fact, precede SEO, not because it comes first alphabetically, but because it is the broader category under which the more specific term of SEO exists.

  • SEO is considered the organic component of SEM by which find your website using generic terminology.

  • The larger umbrella of SEM includes organic optimization and other functions such key word research, competitive analysis, and paid advertising that drive users to your site.

While optimizing organic search engine results is essential for directing traffic to your site, SEM adds the dimension of driving seekers to your site.

For example, let’s say that you own Muddy Waters Pool Cleaning Service. People might search for words like “pools, swimming pools, and pool cleaners.” Excellent SEO gets you ranked on the first page of the search results, along with several others. However, adding a paid listing should rank you at the top. Or having a link on other popular sites, like the Chamber of Commerce’s, advertises Muddy Waters and connects potential clients directly to you.

SEM positions your website by name within search engines and on other websites. SEO may be the door to greater exposure, but it swings on the hinges of SEM.

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