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What Is SEO Marketing?

If you have not already read "What Is Marketing?” on our site, we strongly recommend that you do so before reading this article on: What is SEO Marketing? It is the foundation upon which this article is built.

In a series of articles like our "What is…” list, people are prone to drifting off point, as one article builds upon another. Let’s prevent that by reviewing our definition of marketing: "A plan developed and executed to expose, explain and promote products and services.”

For this article, the key words from that definition are: plan, expose and promote.

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. We explain what that is in "What Is Search Engine Optimization?” Our purpose here is not to explain it, but how to use it as part of your marketing plan. Let’s say that your plan involves promoting your business using a series of billboards along the highways so that anyone driving down the road can see them. However, if they are not lit at night, people will pass by without seeing them. If they don’t see them, the billboards are useless.

If Your Website Were a Billboard

Think of your website as a billboard. There are literally millions of people driving on the internet highway. That presents an incredible opportunity to expose and promote your business or cause through your website. Just like the highway, all those people are heading somewhere, but not all of them are entirely sure how to get there. What is on your billboard may be exactly what they need. Think of SEO marketing as the lights that illuminate the billboard in the dark, because, essentially, without SEO marketing as a part of your overall marketing plan, your website will be in the dark as far as most people are concerned.

An SEO marketing plan is the development and execution of a plan to expose and promote your website. The SEO plan must be created exclusively for your site so that, when people use Google or any other search engine, the "lights” are directed toward your site. The SEO plan does not focus on the customer, but on the search engines and what they are looking for. The websites that are the best at responding to what the search engine is looking for are the websites that will show up on the first page of the results of any relevant search.

What Are the Search Engines Looking For?

Not all search engines are created equal. Therefore, it is imperative to determine which search engines are most important for you. That is part of the plan. Google is almost always at the top of everyone’s list, but others cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, search engines look for content, performance, authority and user experience. Entrepreneur magazine featured a story in 2013 that emphasized "creating quality content that adds lasting value” as the broad strategy for an SEO marketing plan. That could include expertise, advice and data that may not be generally available. Still, the plan must be more specific.

When Google uses its algorithms to differentiate your website content from the millions of others, it considers factors like grammar and spelling, text formatting, length, links, social media connections and the use of headers – not just key words.

The point is that all of these things are components of a good SEO marketing plan. Frankly, a quality SEO marketing plan is rarely attainable without some outside expertise. That’s one of the ways that Pathmaker Marketing can serve you best.

A website designer can create the greatest website ever, but if someone doesn’t aim some spotlights at it, no one will see it. Having an SEO marketing plan is a new twist on an old adage: "Failing to have an SEO marketing plan is planning for your website to fail.”

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