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When was the last time you had an Encyclopedia Salesman knock on your door? Depending on your age, the answer may be "never." The reason? One of the major paradigm shifts that the Internet has wrought is the demise of Encyclopedias. In their stead we have WIKIPEDIA!

WIKIPEDIA has evolved into an enormous research source internationally. You can learn about virtually anything or anyone with a simple GOOGLE search, and often the best information you find is on a WIKIPEDIA page. As you can imagine, having a WIKIPEDIA page on yourself, or your business, would be a tremendous coup. The question is, "How does one go about getting featured on a WIKIPEDIA page?"

There are, of course, several criteria for accomplishing this goal. First and foremost, you have to be a "notable" individual. Secondly, your notability has to be verifiable. For the most part, individuals don't qualify for a WIKIPEDIA page. Rather, they need to have either celebrity status or notoriety. Obviously professional athletes, rock and movie stars and many politicians qualify.

There are many of us who, while not being in a "glamour" profession, do achieve recognizable status in our own careers. For example, if you know a pilot and type their name in for a GOOGLE search it will probably not bring up a WIKIPEDIA page. However, if you type in Amelia Earhart you will find that she does have a page. Now, at this point in time, Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the US Airways pilot who landed the plane on the Hudson River a while back, does not have a page, but he is notable enough to qualify!

Successful businessmen, and even pastors, oft times have a body of accomplish-ments that qualify them as well. For example, individuals that PATHMAKER MARKETING, LLC has assisted with their quest for a WIKIPEDIA page include Steve Marr (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Marr_%28businessman%29) and Mike Evans (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Evans_%28businessman%29). Our expertise and talented staff have helped these two men create a page that proves to be tremendously beneficial, benefits that, if you qualify for, PATHMAKER MARKETING, LLC can help you enjoy, too!

These benefits take several forms. First, according to www.alexa.com, WIKIEDIA is the seventh most trafficked site in the world! Further, the mere fact that you qualify for WIKIPEDIA gives you tremendous credibility and status. Too, it will give you back links to your website from one of the more authoritative sites in the world. Finally, your page will be ranked highly in both GOOGLE and BING searches!

It would be wise for you to determine the power of your notability, and then discover how best to take advantage of it with WIKIPEDIA. And, no one can help you achieve this combination better than Pathmaker Marketing LLC!

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